Monday, February 10, 2014

By the Numbers: Lovely Charm Farming During Love is in the Air 2014

So an often talked about topic this time of year is lovely charm farming, and I'm no exception. I made a video to go along with this one (been a little video-happy lately, not a bad thing), if you want to watch it, check it out, if not the explanation will follow:

So I farmed in both Throne of Tides and Stormstout Brewery. I actually found a vast difference in Charm rates in the 2 locations:

Throne of Tides: 1080 Lovely Charms per Hour
Stormstout Brewery: 780 Lovely Charms per Hour

In both locations I farmed for 10 minutes and extrapolated my dataz to a full hour. This is quite a significant difference. I actually expected Stormstout to have a better rate if anything and was surprised when it didn't.

Anyway, I ended up getting 1080 Lovely Charms per hour, which equates to 108 Charm Bracelets per hour, which would require exactly 2.5 hours of farming to get 270, which would yield 1 mount. Assuming I sell the mount for 10,000g it'd be 4,000 Gold Per Hour, which to me is terrible.

Alternatively if I used these charms that I farmed for daily quest turn ins to the faction leaders, assuming only 5 minutes to turn in to 4 different faction leaders in 4 different cities (which is low IMO), you only save under 1 hour worth of time to get the mount, roughly 1.5 hours, which again assuming the mount will sell for 10k, is 6,667 Gold Per Hour. If you can make just 10g back from every gem you cut, and cut gems for 1 hour, you will make 12,000 Gold Per Hour. Just saying!

I hope you all enjoy the Love is in the Air holiday, and I wish you many Big Love Rockets!


Phat Lewts


  1. All I'm gonna say is CKS + DK Blood Boil spam (+some other gimmicks in a macro) equals 800 charms per hour roughly. And all that while you're doing "important" work, alt tabbed out of WoW. Now, the only problem here is, how close to botting is this?

    1. Only as close as any multiboxer, so unless Blizzard changes their stance on multiboxing, it's no different than using CKS in any other way.

  2. selling one mount is a heck of a lot easier than selling 1200 gems. Just saying!

    1. People misunderstand this example, if you're only making 10 g per cut gem you're doing it wrong. The point is using almost any profession you can make more gold per hour

    2. Like anything it depends on your server. On mine - i bet i could sell12,000 gems in the time it takes to sell one (bloody ugly) mount. There are still cheap (sub 5k) mounts on my server from last year and have been all year long.

      Not touching this holiday event with a barge pole.

  3. There is no profession where I can make 10K gold for 2 hours of time. It would take me longer to accumulate mats, craft and repost a gazillion times to sell gems, glyphs, enchants, whatever compared to farming mobs for two hours. Unless of course you are the only crafter, JC, chanter or Scribe on a realm then you might be correct.

  4. I agree - i can't make 10k in 2 hours - but equally on my server the mount won't sell for 10k - it won't sell for 5k - so two hours work for something that will sit in my inventory for 12 months and make very little profit for me. If you server is different - and it sound like it is - bonus - fill your boots :)


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