Saturday, July 13, 2013

Drunken Musings of Insane Gold Makers

Phat Podcast
In case you haven't heard, I've officially joined GoblinRaset as the co-host of the Happy Hour Roundtable Podcast, and we're regularly going to be recording a segment called "Drunken Musings of Insane Gold Makers".

We recorded the first episode a few days ago, check it out here.  I'll be posting them regularly on the site, and I'll be adding a button to the top bar when I get around to it.

Stede's Podcast
Stede, whose blog I mentioned in a recent post has also recorded his first podcast, the Late Nite With Stede Podcast.  I was lucky enough to be in the audience for the live recording, but you can check it out at that link, it was a great show!

Phat Lewts

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  1. It's a pleasure having you join me.

  2. You weren't kidding when you said drunk, lol! Goblin Raset sounded really far gone.


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