Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mysterious Circumstances

It's been quite a busy week for me, and it's only Monday!  Sunday Night I got accepted as a Wind Trader at the Consortium Forums, and started working with TSM 2.0.  Those two alone were enough to consume epic amounts of my time, but today I also participated in the Happy Hour Roundtable Podcast which should be up on The Drunken Mogul in a day or two.  I've enjoyed TSM 2.0 so far, but I probably won't post about it until I have a better understanding.

Extra Ink
The past few days my herb farmer had gone a little crazy and farmed hundreds of stacks of herbs.  I milled a lot of them, but I still had a ton of extra ink.  So, I did what any self respecting gold maker would do, jumped into an old favorite market, Mysterious Fortune Cards.  I used to bark these things back in Cataclysm, and I even had the macros still.  They sold like hot cakes!  I sold over 400 in an hour and a half while futzing around with TSM 2.0.  If there's one thing I will say is that there is a lot to learn thus far, and I've really enjoyed it.

It seems I always get in the middle of confrontations on my server, maybe because it's small, maybe because it's me.  Anyway I was barking the MFC's like the good ol' days, and this guy starts complaining about the markup on the cards, saying he can make them at 5g/piece.  I of course told him if he wants to sell things below crafting price I'd gladly buy it myself.  He replied with "the crafting cost is the price of the parchment because I can farm the mats".  /twitch.  The old it's 100% profit if I /facepalm the mats.  He also added "I'd do it to just to get you to stop screaming in trade chat.  So I barked MFCs again, and off he went to Mt. Hyjal to farm some Cata herbs.  I got to give him credit, the man stuck to his convictions.  I did not stick around to see if he actually undercut me, but I like to hope he did and got 3-7 cards sold for his silly farming.

Any/Everything Else
That's about it for me.  I just want to give a special shout out to Bones, probably one of the highest commenters on my blog in the past few months, who just hit 1 million gold.  Definitely a big congrats to him, and hope he can find some good ways to spend it!


Phat Lewts

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  1. Always call them on their challenge! They will either fizzle out or they will run off to farm. either way they stop being your problem :)

  2. It's a common problem. Some ppl place no gold value on their own time....

  3. The old addage "Time is money friend" does not compute with some people.

  4. I'm famous!

    Bought a darkmoon Rabbit, the big Yak mount and the Giant Ice Mammoth. Have also donated a big wedge to the guild so everyone's repairs are covered - forever hopefully. Am trying to make the new 85-90 flipping work now. Am buying a lot of stock, and not making many sales. But gonna stick to Phat's law of big numbers post and keep buying. Once I've blown 10k on stock I'll review and see if its worth doing on this server.

    So down to 750k but spending 250k in 15 min felt very good.


  5. been getting some big numbers of Herbs in myself the past few days. but have been selling fortune Cards all along they still sell nicely and still with about 120% profit. and dosent take mutch time. have enjoyed reading all your posts and found a lot of ideas to spice up my ows gold making. current at 4,7 million liquid gold and about 300k in mats and going steady up..
    would advise to keep the fortune Cards in mind and not leave em thy still sell decent.


  6. "Extra Ink
    The past few days my herb farmer had gone a little crazy and farmed hundreds of stacks of herbs."

    You do not farm your own herbs??

    1. Make much less gold farming herbs than I do crafting things from them.

  7. I guess your MFC friend doesn't consider the value of blackfallow ink, when assuming the crafting cost of the cards.

  8. I'd direct the guy to the Consortium, they will teach him right lol.


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