Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black Market AH PvP

A lot of times gold bloggers like to refer to gold making as "Auction House PvP", but in this case, it's literal. From this article on PvP in Mists on

"It’s also worth noting that the Black Market Auction House has the potential to become a world PvP location for those on PvP realms. Just like the name implies, these are goods being sold out in shady locations away from the prying eyes of guards in the cities. They are not in neutral or safe zones. For PvE realms, it’s not going to have that same risk for placing a bid as on a PvP realm (aside from being outbid)."

So if you're on a PvP realm, there can (and probably will) be a great amount of PvP going on at the Black Market AH.  Not only do you need to make sure you bid at the right time and price, you have to make sure you're alive to make the bid!  For me this is okay, as I am already into PvP (as well as PvE) on my posting toon, an 85 Frost Mage, but if a guild on the opposite faction decides that they want their friend to have a certain mount, who are you to speak against that?

Now I'd imagine that stealthies may be having a great time with this one, when an Alli thinks he's in the clear and about to win an epic mount, unstealth put in a last second bid and come out on top.  Or maybe  your toon will decide cast out your fear bomb seconds before the auction ends, ensuring their bid is the  winning one. The possibilites for entertainment here are endless, and it should add to the overall competitiveness of this market.  For all those who are speaking out against it, even if you don't have the gold, you still have a way of "getting back" at those who do.  Which brings me to my final question:

How are you going to interact with the Black Market Auction House?

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  1. I am so happy to be on a normal realm :)

    1. I don't play on normal realms, but I think it's the same that for the 5 minutes after you come out of a Battleground in PvE realms you're flagged for PvP. This may be something to take into queueing while at the BMAH!

    2. I wouldn't know. I literally never PvP. I don't even have the 'An Honorable Kill' achievement :)

  2. This is going to be so much fun. I'm looking forward to the return of World PvP.

  3. Awful idea. Flavorful and neat sure, but awful still. Forcing PvEers to PvP has been seen as a bad idea (hence why we dont need pvp trinkets for fights anymore). Likewise forcing AHers to PvP also seems pretty stupid. I personally dont mind it since I have stealth, can play at odd times, and PvP anyway but that doesnt really matter in terms of how good/bad the idea is.

  4. Interesting observation! For some reason this gets me excited, even though I'm on a PvE server.

  5. The gold sink is not going to work if those with lots of gold (me) can never use the BMAH due to PVP. I hate PVP with a passion and the only reason I am on a PVP server is that my coworker who got me into the game was on that server. I have considered transferring my main toon, but for regular AH purposes I really like being a big fish in a small pond (server).

  6. Pallys win at BMAH.



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