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Lull Gold Making

Before I get to the actual post I'd just like to take a moment to mention that a great blogger in the gold making community, Nev (aka Helen), author of Auction House Addict, has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She is cutting off her hair to donate, and raising money for charity while doing so.  So, I just ask you to read her recent post on her experiences, and consider donating.

This is a post for Cold's Gold Making Carnival which comes out July 11, 2012.

This month Cold asks:
"What Do You Recommend Players Do During The Current WoW Lull To Benefit Gold Making In The Future?"

1. Stockpile for MoP
I recently did a post on this one, if you're interested it can be found at this link.

For a TL;DR Version, here's my short list:

  1. Argent Tourney Pets (and other rare pets if I see them on the AH)
  2. Elementium Geode
  3. Swift Lovebird (already started selling these off at profit)
  4. Mogging Wands
  5. Don Gonzales' Shiny Shield
You can also stockpile some profession mats, but at this point it's all speculation, but hey if the price is too good to pass up, go for it!

2. Revive Your Professions
This one may seem obvious to some, but if you have stopped Jewelcrafting or Alchemy, or anything for that matter, look back into your markets.  Use to check your professions on your server to see what's profitable.  Recently I realized that the price of cut Inferno Rubies nearly doubled since I left the JC market on my server, from 90g back to 180g.  This will probably not be the norm on a large server, but an unused Truegold CD could never hurt for a future investment! (Vial of the Sands mat)

3. Level an Alt.
Hey, everyone else is doing it.  If you're looking for entertainment within the game that also adds to your gold making arsenal, explore a new class.  If you haven't yet, LEVEL A DK.  I know it may be painful for some of you, but it's one of the best ways to level a gold making toon fast, start at 55.  Getting to 60 isn't hard, and 60-70 is pretty fast as well.  Getting to 80 isn't as much fun but I came across a fun leveling strategy that may help you kill the time:

Recently when I was playing on Magtheridon - US for a scavenger hunt hosted by, I leveled a DK to 85 (mostly to solo The Sunwell (not recommended)).  When I hit 77 I decked my DK out in Cataclysm leveling gear and went to Violet Hold.  I was able to solo that dungeon (and undoubtedly others) and get 25% XP, and about 175g in liquid gold and Frostweave Cloth.  So an hour soloing a dungeon can net you 75% of a level and about 600g, depending on the instance you try.  Just a fun challenge for all you soloers (or not) out there!

4. Get Into Flipping Markets
Use theunderminejournal and check out your server's Great Deals page:

Use this to try to get into some new flipping markets, and find great deals you might not otherwise be looking for!  Always a fun tool to use!

What NOT to do:
Don't drop your gathering professions to level up a crafting profession now.  I know you have the time, but gathering professions will be at their PEAK of goldmaking potential when Mists is released, now is a terrible time to drop them (granted you're willing to use them when MoP comes out).  

On the other hand, if your gatherer is a toon that you don't think will be a 90 anywhere within the first few months of the expansion, by all means drop gathering for crafting.  Pandaria zones will require you to be 90 before you can fly in them, and a gatherer without flying might as well not be a gatherer at all!

Don't stop making gold just because you think inflation will go crazy.  Earning gold along with stockpiling is the best way to keep your supply up and ensure maximum gold come MoP!  


Phat Lewts

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  1. This sounds easy as pie for you because it's your forte. What about those who are newbies in the field;how will they earn much gold? I don't reckon they'd be going that far so easily. SO any advice?

    1. Honestly it depends on your professions and starting gold. Every case is different. The flipping items I found to be incredibly useful (from TUJ). There are some dirt cheap items there (a few gold) you can often flip for lots of gold.

      In general if I was just starting out, right now the Darkmoon Faire is going on, and if you go at off times either with a 61+ DK (For walking on water) or with a water walking flask, fishing the pools (only requires level 1 fishing) around Darkmoon Island is a GREAT way to build capital. Every crate you catch has Cataclysm level items, so not only are they expensive, but they sell fast as well.

      I recently started out from a clean slate on a new server and this is how I built up over 8k gold with a few hours of fishing. From there you can try some of the more advanced stuff as well.
      Also check out the subreddit WoWGoldmaking. Usually if you propose a question based on your composition of professions/characters they'd be more than happy to help


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