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WoW Alpha Build 18297 Brings Some WoD Profession Recipes

If you have gotten sick of following all the drab updates with the Alpha Client, you'll be glad to know that we actually got some (relatively) interesting information in this last one.

If you're interested in reading the Wowhead synopsis, you can check it out here. Also I'm keeping all of my WoD news indexed at the WoD Gold Making tab up top, so be sure to check it out to catch up to the latest and greatest gold making information from Warlords of Draenor.

Quite a few new profession spells were added in this iteration of the Alpha. I suggest you check them out, but take them with a grain of salt, as some of them feel a bit generic, and possibly just for testing. Keeping that in mind, below are the major changes, by profession:

Inscription got a few new glyphs, but the main attraction here is the Darkmoon Card of Draenor. So it's pretty much confirmed Inscription will have it's ever so profitable during the beginning of the expansion Darkmoon Cards, but the reagents datamined are a bit interesting:
You'll notice it's not the classic tied to a daily cooldown recipe that we're used to, and there seems to be a rare ink, something that's unprecedented in Inscription. Now, I wouldn't go running for the hills quite yet and dropping all your scribes, but this is going to be a very interesting change to keep an eye on as far as Inscription goes. So far this recipe is the only one either of those two mats are used in, and their sources are not yet known, so a lot of mystery surrounding this, but there were also the classic 4 datamined decks, so at least that is familiar.

As far as the glyph recipes that were datamined, all of the recipes require 3 x Ink of Dreams to craft, and no I do not think this is a mistake. Keep in mind we will be getting 6.0 prior to the expansion release. I believe that they want people to have access to these new glyphs during that intermediate phase, so again, something to keep an eye on, and possibly start stockpiling inks for when we get closer to 6.0 (months off).

In this latest patch, we've learned that Alchemist's Cauldron, which will be used to create Alchemy items Metamorphic Crystals and Alchemical Catalyst, will be one of Alchemy's daily cooldowns. It's quite a nice mechanic, as the recipes allow for use of 20x any WoD herb (or 5x Lotus) and 3x Blackrock Ore. The ore part is odd indeed, but it'll be a nice cooldown to check out, I assume you'll get random #'s of each item from a Cauldron, so it could be a nice boost to your crafting.

Alchemy also had some profession spells datamined, and of all the ones datamined, these seem the most "final version" out of all of them. Of course, I'm not guaranteeing that they will be, but they seem realistic. They use the materials mentioned above, so be sure to check out the new datamined Alchemy profession recipes for WoD here. Also, there is a new vanity item from Alchemy a la Transmorphic Tincture.

Intriguing changes to Blacksmithing in this one, here's the spell list for starters. Quickly let's review the 3 tiers of BS crafted gear. Basically there's 3 different ilvls of an item, using the Draenic Steel Sword as an example: 637 - Draenic Steel Sword, 650 - Hardened Draenic Steel Sword, and 666 - Peerless Draenic Steel Sword. These are now connected via recipes in the following manner (roughly the same for all armor slots as well):
  1. Draenic Steel Sword
  2. Hardened Draenic Steel Sword
  3. Peerless Draenic Steel Sword
As you can see, the higher you raise the ilvl, the more costly the item will be. There seem to be 2 mechanics to either circumvent or speed up this process. The first is Blackrock Crucible. The recipe is not yet on the Alpha, but it's a Blacksmithing craftable item that creates some of the materials mentioned above, I imagine it's tied to a daily cooldown somehow. The second are the reinforcement kits, which unlike the only one currently on the alpha will be across all craftable slots. This item is most likely tied to the new blacksmithing daily cooldown.

Engineering had some recipes added to their arsenal, but to me they seem a little too generic to be final quite yet, as well as some of the ridiculous mats for 3 of the craftables. Feel free to poke around them if you're interested, but keep in mind it seems like these recipes will definitely not be close to what we'll see in live. One item I thought was particularly funny is Neural Silencer which makes you immune to Leap of Faith. We're on to you Priests!

Enchanting, quite like Engineering had some recipes added, but again, to me at least, these recipes seem pretty generic and not really fleshed out yet.

I may be jumping the gun a bit on this one (really don't think I am), but from the new datamined information it seems as though Skinning will have a similar leveling mechanic to Mining/Herbalism. To be expected IMO.

Last, and pretty much least, Jewelcrafting has finally gotten some love on the Alpha client, albeit not much at all. Two new items were found Prismatic Focusing Lens and Reflecting Prism. Two vanity items for a dull Jewelcrafting showing, once again.

So that's it! You should now be up to speed with all the profession changes, and speculation/gossip surrounding gold making in WoD!

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