Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today's Epic Gold Making Events

This Saturday there's going to be a lot going on in terms of gold making funzies. Something new that should be a lot of fun is the Gold Raid 2014. Basically a bunch of your favorite gold bloggers are going to get together and run Flex SoO, and bullshit in Mumble. It's going to be a good time for one and all, and it's going to be livestreamed over at . This is going down at 9pm EST and the list of bloggers involved is quite extensive! I've personally got a 90 Alli that I just hit 90 with just to go to this raid, so it will be interesting to say the least (and they're letting me heal).

Prior to kickoff GoblinRaset and I will be recording Episode #9 of The Drunken Musings Podcast with special guest 8BitBruce . We will be starting to record @ 7PM EST so plenty of time to pre-game for the Gold Raid, and listen to our rantings and ravings about dat gold (and my new recently connected server). Anyway you can find us over at Raset's Twitch Channel starting at ~6:50pm EST for the pre-show, which should be a little more reasonable for you EU viewers.

If you have any questions about the Gold Raid or a topic/question you'd love to hear me and Raset discuss on our podcast feel free to post it in the comment section! As always I'll post a link to the podcast when it's live!


Phat Lewts

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