Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lovely Charms: Throne of Tides Hotfixed

So after 1 full day of being able to farm Lovely Charms in Throne of Tides, it's already been hotfixed! I was really surprised that they actually hotfixed it, but released a video on two other easily soloable spots to check out since this one is nerfed to the damn ground!

TL;DR: Farming sucks, buy the mount from the AH.


Phat Lewts


  1. nice, I'll have to try that scenario out and report back, also you've given me a good excuse to use MY spot and do the whole 10 minute thing. Honestly, farming for more than 5 minutes makes me sick :(

  2. okay, after getting sick twice, I realized I wasn't recording :(

  3. Maybe a bit unrelated but, Brilliant Primordials for 119g? try 30g raw and 31g cut on Draenor (high/full). Guess who's jumping ship for mid/high realm.

    And of course, thanks for new spot advice. Not sure if my ilvl505 DK will be able to do anything similar to afk macro farming like ToT though.