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Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 2/28

It has been a busy week for me, have not had a heck of a lot of time to play the AH, but regardless I've seem to have made more gold this week than I have in the past 2 weeks combined.

"Mega" Gold Making
Now this week I ended (I end my weeks on Thursdays since the connection) with 3,551,226g. I'm pretty excited for a couple reasons, the first being that's a change of over 195k from last week just 1k short of 28,000g profit/day. This is a combination of a couple things, but it did help that I happened to sell a Dragon Kite I had purchased from the BMAH to flip for 25k 2 months ago. Are there other things that could have made me 100% interest in 2 months? Yes. Could I have possibly bought them all given the sheer amount of gold I have? Nope. Glad it finally sold, had been posting it along with all my xmog on a 48 hour auction. Regardless I was very surprised to see 60k in my Xmog seller's mailbox, because I had honestly forgotten I had it!

On top of that I'm…

Scam'd Part 2: Proactively Getting Your Problem Solved in Warcraft

So earlier this week I did a post called Scam'dwhere I talked about a guy who tried to scam me by telling me he'd sell me an epic as part of a package deal for 1,700g and did not go through with it. A lot of people both in blog comments and on reddit were surprised with the response I got from the GM that I dealt with and that the problem was resolved in one message so I figured it'd be useful to share the ticket that I created in the first place and some reasons behind why I think it was successful on the first go.

So the ticket went as follows:
Hi, in whispers I agreed upon exchanging 1700g for a variety of items with [Redacted]. Everything we were to exchange is in chat logs through whispers about ~10 minutes ago. I gave him the 1700g, and he did not furnish all the goods, scamming me out of gold. He was doing this as a scam, including 3 epics in the whispers which he did not furnish at the time of the trade, followed by putting me on ignore, which is why I decided to r…

Drunken Musings #10

If you weren't able to make it to our live recording this past Saturday, Drunken Musings #10 is now posted for your listening pleasure. In this episode we covered our weeks in WoW, and I told some stories of things that happened to me in the past few weeks. Raset has been streaming a lot recently, and I hang out in his channel quite often, you can find him over at, which is the channel you want to follow if you want to know when our podcast recordings go live! Other than that we cover some WoD news as well as take note of  TSM Lead Developer Sapu's AMA (Ask Me Anything) that took place on reddit last Sunday (a week before yesterday). Definitely check that out as well, very interesting responses! New post up tomorrow, kind of summing up the ticket I had sent for my most recent Scam'd post and some ways to interface with Blizzard for quick and accurate results. Until then,


Phat Lewts


This past week I was "victim" of a scam, and I figured I'd post about it, how I dealt with it, and the results.

How it Started
So I was going about my daily AH business collecting expired auctions from the mail to repost on my main, as I notice a guy selling "everything in his bags" for 1.7k. "Meh" I thought, "Probably a bunch of junk anyway." I keep emptying my mail, do a post scan, the daily to try to get my Love Rocket and he's still hawking the package in trade for 1.7k, so I bite. What's 1.7k anyway? I whisper him and ask what he's selling and he lists a couple Malevolent pieces, a stack of Infinite Dust, some Monk glyphs, and 3 epics, the notable one being a ilvl 502 Reborn weapon. Now there are going to be many points throughout this story that red flags should have popped up (and did), but keep in mind that 1.7k is 0.05% of my gold total.

So this is the first flag but honestly to spend 1.7k at a chance to get a Reborn weap…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 2/21

For the first time in a while, I spent this week more than I made in profits, which IMO is excellent.

As I've mentioned in the past, spending is where I make my gold. I buy cheap, and use my mats to make expensive things. Okay that's a bit of a simplification, but this isn't the post! Anyway I ended up spending just over 100k gold this week in mats. Among my notable purchases is 50 stacks of Golden Lotus, which should last me at least a couple weeks, and many Ores (current and old world) at below market value). I ended up making ~177k in revenue, so I am indeed up ~77k for the week, or roughly 11k/day, which is not bad all things conisdered. Was honestly hoping for better with this connected realm but what I've found is that, of course as expected, that I need to keep up with my crafting a bit more to rake in the big profits, and of course I don't do such things regularly.

I of course have to mention that I'm doing really well with my new transm…

Thinking Like a Gold Maker Part 2 - Flipping Mentality

In this multiple part series, I'm going to go over my thought processes and how I think about concepts in gold making in World of Warcraft, and why I do things the way I do. Today I'm going to spotlight flipping. In the previous post I covered shopping for mats, if you'd like to start from the beginning that post can be found here.

Buy Low, Sell High
This is the phrase you'll see regurgitated again and again throughout the WoW goldmaking universe, and I think there's a lot of misunderstanding of this concept. Yes buying something for cheap and selling it at a high price is a great way to make gold, but how do you define what's cheap? How do you identify if there's a market for it? How do you tell what's a good purchase to flip and what's not?

To me, this can easily vary from person to person, and server to server, which complicates things further. Again, like shopping for mats, when I purchase items to flip, I look for the profit in the purchase. Thi…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review: First Week on a Connected Realm

First of all let me give a plug for The Consortium, specifically Sterling who just released to the public his Enchanting Mastery Guide. Check this bad boy out. It's everything you could have ever wished for about enchanting and much much more!

Second of all let me start by giving a plug for The Drunken Musings #9 where I discussed in part my experience as of that Saturday of my connected realm, in the few days following connection. As always it was a great podcast and we were accompanied by the always lovely 8BitBruce, who has interviewed both GoblinRaset and I on his own podcast, so be sure to check that out as well!

The Beginnings
So after getting connected, trade chat was pretty crazy. People were all chatting with their new servermates, and of course "calmly" and "empirically" determining which server of the 3 was the best. It was the merger of Kalecgos, Executus and Shattered Halls. People started calling it KESh, but I think we should take the extra step a…

Lovely Charms: Throne of Tides Hotfixed

So after 1 full day of being able to farm Lovely Charms in Throne of Tides, it's already been hotfixed! I was really surprised that they actually hotfixed it, but released a video on two other easily soloable spots to check out since this one is nerfed to the damn ground!

TL;DR: Farming sucks, buy the mount from the AH.


Phat Lewts

Scroll of Resurrection Retiring

Quick post today, just wanted to let everyone know that Blizzard has announced they're retiring the Scroll of Resurrection on February 18th, just one week from today. This is kind of big news for gold makers. I know I personally have an inactive account I've been toying around with the idea of Rezing, but honestly I'm probably not going to at this point. Keep in mind that you have 30 days to accept the Scroll, so if you send it now you won't have to accept it until March, and the last scroll will expire on March 20th. Anyway, just something to think about if you've got that second account laying around that you've been toying with the idea of bringing back for AH funtimes.


Phat Lewts

By the Numbers: Lovely Charm Farming During Love is in the Air 2014

So an often talked about topic this time of year is lovely charm farming, and I'm no exception. I made a video to go along with this one (been a little video-happy lately, not a bad thing), if you want to watch it, check it out, if not the explanation will follow:

So I farmed in both Throne of Tides and Stormstout Brewery. I actually found a vast difference in Charm rates in the 2 locations:

Throne of Tides: 1080 Lovely Charms per Hour
Stormstout Brewery: 780 Lovely Charms per Hour

In both locations I farmed for 10 minutes and extrapolated my dataz to a full hour. This is quite a significant difference. I actually expected Stormstout to have a better rate if anything and was surprised when it didn't.

Anyway, I ended up getting 1080 Lovely Charms per hour, which equates to 108 Charm Bracelets per hour, which would require exactly 2.5 hours of farming to get 270, which would yield 1 mount. Assuming I sell the mount for 10,000g it'd be 4,000 Gold Per Hour, which to me is terrib…

Today's Epic Gold Making Events

This Saturday there's going to be a lot going on in terms of gold making funzies. Something new that should be a lot of fun is the Gold Raid 2014. Basically a bunch of your favorite gold bloggers are going to get together and run Flex SoO, and bullshit in Mumble. It's going to be a good time for one and all, and it's going to be livestreamed over at This is going down at 9pm EST and the list of bloggers involved is quite extensive! I've personally got a 90 Alli that I just hit 90 with just to go to this raid, so it will be interesting to say the least (and they're letting me heal).

Prior to kickoff GoblinRaset and I will be recording Episode #9 of The Drunken Musings Podcast with special guest 8BitBruce. We will be starting to record @ 7PM EST so plenty of time to pre-game for the Gold Raid, and listen to our rantings and ravings about dat gold (and my new recently connected server). Anyway you can find us over at Raset's Twitch Channelstart…

Phat Lewts' TradeSkillMaster Transmog Guide (with Subgroupings)

Yes, that long awaited moment is here! I'm officially releasing my new (and improved) TSM shopping lists for transmog gear. You can find the list with subgroupingsat this linkand in my tool bar above. Below is a video guide to using my Transmog list, as well as an overview of my strategies. If you prefer a TL;DR, my pricing will be below.

Global Operations
Once you import the list, I use %s the following base pricing, if there's a source you do not have, click below to learn how to get it, or remove it from the expression all together.
avg(WowuctionRegionMarket, DBGlobalMarketAvg) Alternatively I have import strings for the shopping and auctioning operations below: