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I Tailor Made This Post for Tailors

This is it.  Want to make gold with tailoring?  Try these!

Cooldown: Dreamcloth
Tailoring is a unique profession, even vs. BS/LW, because Tailoring has a unique set of cooldowns (that are usually removed by the next expansion).  The current tailoring cooldowns are for Dreamcloth.  One cooldown for Dreamcloth, Dream of Chaos recently had it's cooldown removed.  This one requires 8 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth (Equivalent to 2 stacks of Embersilk Cloth) and 4 Chaos Orbs.  The other cooldowns you can only cast once per week, and require 30 Volatiles (Air, Fire, Life, etc.).  The test here is, if you can get the Volatiles for cheaper than 4 Chaos Orbs, then do that cooldown.  If you can't (Volatile Air *cough cough*) then don't burn that cooldown.

Now for profitable uses of the Dreamcloth! other than acquiring the new Dragon Soul patterns, Dreamcloth can be used to craft Powerful Ghostly Spellthread and Powerful Enchanted Spellthread.  These are BiS leg enchants for most casting classes and sell pretty regularly, but don't forget you do get your own for next to nothing!

Vicious PvP Gear
Right now the Vicious PvP gear market is pretty hot, believe it or not.  No, it doesn't actually have to do with PvPers.  People are leveling alts, and once they hit 85 they want to get their Vicious gear ASAP, to get into HoT heroics.  To get all the patterns for the PvP gear, be sure to visit the tailoring vendor in your capitol city!  These patterns all require Bolts of Embersilk Cloth along with Volatile Fire or Water.  I personally like to craft 2 of each of these and keep both at the AH at any given time.  My fallback price is 849g each when there are none on the AH and I'm willing to go as cheap as twice the cost of mats.

Yes, the age-old tailoring money maker.  Bags are not my favorite item to craft, mostly because on my server right now, the only bags with a decent profit margin are Netherweave, and they take FOREVER to craft.  However if you are truely looking to diversify your Tailoring gold making strategy, bags are always going to make you gold.  Check your server's prices, and utilize your rare(ish) bag recipes, such as Luxurious Silk Gem Bag, a reward from Molten Front dailies.  Bags really round out well your tailoring profit potential, and shouldn't be overlooked, especially profession specific 36 slots!

You'd be amazed at how some craftable items are great for transmog, one of my favorites is Mooncloth Robe.  For mogging, the fastest selling thing you'll be able to craft is a robe, so go through everything you can craft as a chest piece, and start from there.  Rare recipies on the AH can turn into great profits, as are unique models such as Arcanoweave Robe.  Here is a list of all the rare and epic chests for tailoring.  Also, beyond chests, if you have the willingness to farm some adds in Karazhan every week, I think these gloves look simply amazing.

So that about wraps it up for me. Sure there are other things you can craft for profit, but after a while it's best to switch to a different profession to maximize your gold making potential. What are your favorite items to craft on your tailor to make gold


Phat Lewts

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