Monday, December 8, 2014

Inscription Deck/Trinket Arbitrage TradeSkillMaster Groups

Something that I've realized recently is that all the individual cards are selling for a lot less than completed decks/trinkets on my server. Not sure if people don't realize you don't need the DMF to hand in completed decks or not even. Previously I had been doing rough calculations, but that seemed tedious and non productive. So of course I decided to use TSM to optimize my process. This may not be the best method for all of you, but it allows me to quickly evaluate the mark up on a specific deck, and I think it's a great demonstration of some of the power/customization options of TSM.


First, I seperated the Decks & Trinkets into groups based on their card suffix. Group import:

group:of Iron,112303,112319,group:of the Moon,112304,112320,group:of Visions,112305,112317,group:of War,112306,112318

Then I assigned a shopping operation to each subgroup, which is just the sum of their DBMinBuyout values. Essentially, how much it would cost to purchase all 8 cards for the deck/trinkets. Below is not imports but the shopping strings. 

Make sure to check "Show Auctions Above Max Price" for each group!!!!!!

of Iron
of the Moon
of Visions
of War

Finally do a search. It should look something like this:

The % over 100 of the Max price will represent the markup. For example a Skull of War trinket is marked up 56% over the base cards. The War Deck is marked up 97% over cards, and the Knight's Badge is marked up 114% over cards.

Keep in mind that this is based on your data, so it's as of the last scan, prices may have changed since!

Card Group:
Below is a importable group of cards. I use a generic shopping operation for these just to pull them all up at once, instead of searching "of Iron". No operations for these at the moment:

group:of Iron,112271,112272,112273,112274,112275,112276,112277,112278,group:of the Moon,112295,112296,112297,112298,112299,112300,112301,112302,group:of Visions,112279,112280,112281,112282,112283,112284,112285,112286,group:of War,112287,112288,112289,112290,112291,112292,112293,112294

Phat Lewts



  1. For some reason TSM tells me "successfully imported 0 items"

  2. when i try to import DBMinbuyout(item:112271)+DBMinbuyout(item:112272)+DBMinbuyout(item:112273)+DBMinbuyout(item:112274)+DBMinbuyout(item:112275)+DBMinbuyout(item:112276)+DBMinbuyout(item:112277)+DBMinbuyout(item:112278)
    as a shopping string it tells me invalid import string...

  3. The shopping operation is not an import string, it's the raw code itself.


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