Monday, December 15, 2014

Adding WoD Transmog Items to my Transmog List

I've been getting a lot of comments, PMs, and emails about when/if I'm going to update my transmog list to include Warlords of Draenor items.

I'm not.

The gold to be earned from transmog is based on the inherent lack of the items on the AH and the low ease of farming these items (ie. if someone wants a specific item their odds of getting it are something like 1 in 5,000 mobs or something). There's fewer players in super low level content, and very few of these items are generated, so it's easier to control the price on these. On the other hands TONS of players are currently playing WoD, and getting all sorts of greens that they can sell on the AH. The problem is
  1. They look mediocre at best
  2. They are too readily available to control the price
That's all. Logic wins the day. If you are looking for an import list with WoD items, look elsewhere. I did however recently update my transmog list, and if you'd like to read about that and all the changes I made, you can check out that post here. Now a showcase of beautiful WoD Xmog:


Phat Lewts


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  1. If anything i'm taking items out of my list. Mogging has lost popularity - i expect people just have too much to do. Right at the end of MoP it really took off and its fallen off a cliff.

    I'm not posting as regularly as a result - which compounds the issue. But I've got lots of gearing up to do on my main - and inscription is making me more than enough to spend on my main's needs. I've dabbled with buying up cards to make trinkets - its nto paying off on my server, but i'm loving the fact that I can tie up 10k in cards on a bit of a punt - not been in that situation before :)


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