Sunday, November 9, 2014

WoD Gold Making

Yes, it's that time again to write generic blog posts about WoD gold making!! I'm not going to get too in depth here, there's been a great amount of info published already. If you're interested in the actual profession changes, check out these articles from Wowhead. If you are interested in a comprehensive guide on how garrisons interact with gold making, check out this post from UtesDad on The Consortium. Familiarizing yourself with Garrisons now will be very worth it in the long run!! The combo of those two should get you plenty up to speed, and are going to go way more in depth than I will in this post. I'm only going to do a brief overview for those who are interested, but first some more resources:

WoD Podcasts:
LNWS - Stede's Profession Analysis - Great in depth analysis of Profs in WoD a must listen!
For more detailed podcasts from Stede breaking down each profession, head to

Other Useful Reading:
Unobtainable Items Readded in 6.0.2
WoD Doom Thread
WoD Ask an Alpha Tester Thread

Catch Ups
Come WoD, there will be catch ups for all professions that only require WoD materials to make. While this may not completely erase old school mats off the map, it certainly is going to decrease the demand quite a bit for the ones not used to craft lucrative items.

To train your WoD level crafting professions and get to 700, you will have to obtain random world drops and finish their respective quests. This will require your toon to be 90 to get to that level. Your output will be determined by your profession level, 700 being optimal.

What Professions Should We Stack?
To me the answer is pretty simple, I agree with most of Stede's analysis from the podcast above and you should give it a listen. My professions will look like this:

Each Gathering Prof1

The only thing I'm doing that I wouldn't necessarily suggest everyone do is stacking Tailoring above BS. I just happened to have 3 Tailors already, and I saw no reason to relevel a different profession on those toons as I don't see one having a clear benefit over another, although I agree with Stede's analysis that tanks always want dat plate tanking gear early.

A lot of gold making will be up in the air, but to me one thing is key. Tie ins between daily CDs and Garrisons are going to be essential to master to make the most gold.  Read up on your core professions, read up on UtesDad's Garrison Thread, and prepare yourself for launch. If you're a gold maker already, you have the skills you need to be successful. If you're just getting into the game I highly suggest heading to The Consortium or the WoWEconomy Subreddit, and chatting with folks there.

My Leveling Strategy
My leveling strategy is really not going to be based entirely on gold making, but keep in mind that key cutoff levels for garrisons are 92, 96, and 100. It's hard to say whether it would be better to have a bunch of 92's with level 1 garrisons up and running, or hit your main to 100, and go down the line hitting 100 on each toon. I'm going to level my main to 100 first most likely, although I'm considering getting my gatherer to 92 first. I am unfamiliar with the returns of the herb/mining buildings, but with bonuses for having herb/mining I think getting those rolling ASAP may be beneficial.

Last Minute Gold Tip
If you have a scribe and sell glyphs, I highly suggest buying up the surplus of cheap herbs on your server, convert to Ink of Dreams, and trade them into an even distribution of common inks BEFORE WoD IS RELEASED (the 13th). Come WoD trade ins will be via WoD inks only, and getting a nice stock of inks for glyphs before then will be nice moving into the expansion. Those of you who are just coming back, note that glyphs are relatively evenly spread among all the common inks now.

Phat Lewts



  1. Welcome back! Interesting times ahead. This will be the first expansion I've gone into with a full set of profs, and a clear understanding of gold making - I can't wait :)

    1. Definitely going to be a fun one, even for us long time gold makers WoD is going to be a bit of a curve ball.

  2. Appreciate the shout out, man!

  3. Out of curiosity, how much of each ink are you going to stockpile? I'm going into WOD new to inscription.

    1. Probably not going to because I'm not big on glyphs. I like the gold they bring in, but hate the grind, so will likely not focus on them at all. Gotta know your strong/weak points!

    2. I haven't spent too much time on my scribe. Where's the most gold to be made if not from glyphs?

    3. DMF cards. Money in early expansion and at patch releases is in Cooldowns.


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