Sunday, September 28, 2014

Phat Lewts' Transmog List Update

So as you may or may not know I've been working on updating my Transmog list, and have had a beta list out for testing for a while now. Thanks to feedback from both Nick H as well as Bones in this post, as well as additional data from the TSM API, I was able to further refine this list, and come up with a (for now) finalized list.

Thanks to the hard work of the TradeSkillMaster team, you can now pull data from some price sources into an excel sheet for analysis. If you are interested in getting your own data, check out this post by Sapu on The Consortium for instructions on how to get your own data. I am thinking about writing a post on how to import this, and some tips on how to utilize the data in the future. I know Stede mentioned in that post that he's working on creating a sandbox.

Thanks to this data, I was able to filter out quite a few items from my list, and I refined my smallest group from 125-250g to 150-250g. I've also based all the pricing tiers on what my pricing formula will sell them for rather than their market value. Of course this will vary over time, but the groups are roughly set! In the future I will be making a "Simple Xmog Strategy Group" based on some of this data. That's in the works, but will make less gold, but deal in less items to manage for people that do not want to sink as much time into searching/reposting.

The New List

The new list removes some old items, and adds some items I thought were deserving. To read the initial changes, see this post I mentioned earlier. I recommend switching over to the new list to EVERYONE. It removes some items that are potentially problematic, and adds quite a few items I've previously overlooked. As always you can find my transmog list at the link in the toolbar above or if you're too lazy to scroll up you can find it here.

Please continue to leave any feedback you have about this list, it's an ever changing list, and I doubt it will ever be truly final. If there are pieces you think should/shouldn't be on the list, always let me know! I appreciate any and all feedback!!

Phat Lewts



  1. Could you make a list of deleted and added items?

  2. Would you mind sharing your Operations (Shopping and Auctioning) for each of these groups? It would be great if you could set the prices as well as I'm having some problems making wowuction/dbmarket prices working for unknown reasons (tsm app working and updating). Thanks :)

    1. You can find them here;

    2. Thanks! Although they use "avg(WowuctionRegionMarket, DBGlobalMarketAvg)" which doesn't work for me even if my TSM App is working and updating. I was hoping of some fixed prices (that make sense) in gold for each group. Maybe it's too much of a mess to organize though :(

    3. It's a lot of work to set fixed pricing for all of them. I can help you out fixing wowuction and dbglobalmarket if you'd like on the TSM IRC.

    4. Thank you Cryan. I'll come in a moment :)

      EDIT: Did so. Thank you! :)

  3. After I imported the new list, I took the old one and didnt import already grouped items, the remaining items have been removed. Here's a pastebin with the import string for the removed items, so you can quickly assign a new operation to them.


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