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TradeSkillMaster Big Release Day!

TSM, Now The New TUJ
In case you missed it, the authors of everyone's favorite gold making addon, TradeSkillMaster, today have started their mission to dominate all aspects of gold making!  They have released a new website, similar to The Undermine Journal (which recently went offline due to server issues). It's going to take some getting used to, and it's a living breathing website, so expect changes and updates in the near future. Go check out the new website over at!! Search for an item and see the results!

The Beta App is Now Live!!
If you haven't been using the beta app yet, you're about to learn about all the goodness that the app has to offer! The data the app is now stored on TSM's servers, so your data won't be determined by when you are on your computer, it will be the data everyone else has, and up to date, only limited by Blizzard's API! This means that no waiting for data to become reliable in your addon anymore on a new server or with a new setup, the data is historic, and you'll have it all instantly using the TSM App!!

The app still has all your favorite features, including Improved Deal Notifications, CSV Exports, Backing up of TSM settings, and a pretty new UI!!


Phat Lewts



  1. So the Desktop App itself now automatically get's the data from the website? Awesome!
    It also seems like most features were moved to the site. It seems the Desktop App is now only used to import/export data and backups.
    Also, the Memory it uses is now about 5% of what it used before. I really love this update.

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  3. Hey! Realy appreciate your work here! Awsome stuff going on.

    I just have on short question: With the switch from TUJ to AuctionDB the buying and selling strings surely changed? I had something like " 50% min(WowuctionRegionMarket, TUJ...) " for example. So now the second part in the bracket surely changed to something like " AuctionDBGlobalMarket ", didn't it?
    I already tried to find the correct string on the TSM forums, but their site seems to be overloaded.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. As I saw today, you already updated the Instructions with the new strings, so my question is obsolete. ;)


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