Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thinning Out the Beta Transmog List

Hey guys!

So it's been about a month since I released my beta transmog list, and you've all had time to mess around with it, and see what you did/didn't like. I've already gotten some useful feedback, but due to time restraints, I haven't had the time to go through and thin out my list. This is where you guys can come in and help.

I'm asking that you make a subgroup within your transmog list, and move items that you think do not belong in my list, or just make a list of comma separated item numbers (importable ie. 4937,33998,19940) that you think don't belong, or are grossly misclassified. When you've compiled your list, leave it in the comments of this article, or wherever you found me posting this article. This is an easy way that I can compile everyone's different ideas, import into my TSM and cross check to my personal taste, and come up with an ultimate list, by the people, for the people!

Example Format:
Remove: 9093,39184,16448,33435
Add: 22089,24539,11231,78654
Reclassify: 4413,36714,12953

Just some clarification as to what I'm looking for. I know that some items may be misclassified based on their current price. The ranges are not particularly fixed, and are representative of where an item was at the time of classification. It is mainly to provide a rough guide as to where an item belongs. If you find something way over or undervalued, add it to a list, but I'm not going to be correcting just one group up or down, if I did, I'd be updating the list weekly. Please let me know what your intent is to do with a particular list!!!

So please, if you have seen any items while making the group that you think just don't belong let me know! Note that the group is to be deleted, or if you have suggestions of things to add, to be added.

Thanks in advance for participating using the initial version of this list, and thank you for any and all of your suggestions for the list!

Phat Lewts



  1. Remove/Reclassify: 12415,12420
    Add: 59901

  2. Hi

    I have deleted these as I have consistently found items at my buy price but am failing to sell them on and have a growing stock of them (6 or more with no sales):




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