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Remote AH: No Smartphone? No Problem!

This is a post written for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival for September 2012, check it out on the 11th for other great posts on this topic!

This month's topic is "The Remote Auction House - Tips, Tricks, Strategies, Love or Hate It?"

When the Remote AH first came out for free I balked at it because I didn't have a smartphone.  Now though, there are some great uses I've found for it on my web browser.

Why it's useful
Now you may be thinking "why would I want to use RMAH on my computer, since I have WoW on my computer?" and that's a great question to ask.  Maybe Phat has gone off the deep end, but perhaps not. My favorite use for this new tool is to buy and sell items on different realms, while playing on my main realm. Now I don't know if it's intended or not, but even if you're logged in to your account on realm X, you can log into the Remote Auction House on the same account, on realm Y. Great time passer if you're mass crafting in the background, especially if you have a side project as I do.  For reference if you aren't a regular reader, I have a DK on an alternate (high pop) server making gold to buy expensive mounts/pets for my main characters on a (low pop) server.  It also allows you to snatch great deals while you're not at a computer with WoW loaded on it, I'll outline how I use it with different AH monitoring sites below.

Using WoWuction to Find Deals
Since you have no addons using the remote AH, you have to utilize some of our favorite tools to find great deals.  One new thing that was recently added was the "Bargain Hunter".  I really enjoy using this tool, and I'll outline how to do it below.

1. Go to and choose your realm/faction.

2. Click Reports, then Bargain Hunter

Once you do, you'll get a list like this:
Click Image to Enlarge
Now search through this list and find a deal you most like.  Aaaah it seems Darkcrest Gauntlets (one of my favorite selling xmog sets) are only 25g!  Great!

3. Go to the Remote AH and find your item!  [Horde] [Alliance] (if you're logged in these links will take you directly there)

It's pretty straightforward.

4. Relist next time you're on WoW.

I don't like using this to relist the items (especially xmog) because it's SOOOooooo much faster to do it with TSM when logged it.  This will get you some great deals to relist next time you're on too.

Maybe You Prefer TUJ!
I prefer to use both!  As I already went over most of the relevant steps above, I'm going to shorten this section.

1. Go to and find your server/faction

2. Click Great Deals, then go to Current Deals List

3. Check out all the great deals that result from this, my 2 favorite subsections are below:

The bids section can be EXTREMELY useful using the remote AH.  Sometimes bids on items are listed WAY lower than they should be, and since the Remote AH lets you both Bid or Buyout, and you're not going to be seeing the items until you log in anyway.  This is just my method, I'm sure if you have a phone you can add to the potency of all this.  What's your personal take on the Remote Auction House?


Phat Lewts

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  1. Hey man,

    just started working my way up on the AH on the Horde side of Karazhan (EU) using and they brought me here. Nice piece of information, seems to be improving my trades! Cheers man

    1. Thanks for the kind words, always nice to hear a new reader find something helpful in my advice :)

  2. Hi. This is a great use of the remote AH for those of us that don't have a smart phone. Since I'm not the most computer smart person I was wondering if you could please explain how this is set up on a PC in regards to downloading etc.

    Your blog is always very informative and interesting. Keep up the good work!Thanks :-)

    1. Nothing you need to download, just go to, log into your character you want to browse the AH on, and scroll down. You will see a link directing you to the Auction House. Click it and have fun!

      Alternatively you can just click the following links once logged in and after selecting your character [Horde] [Alliance] (if you're logged in these links will take you directly there)

  3. I suspect that you balked, not bawked....

    1. Indeed I did, edited to reflect that. Much appreciated :)

  4. A great use for the remote AH is to list things in the neutral AH without actually traveling there in game.


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