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JC and Mining, Making Wrath Gold!

Hey guys,

I originally wrote a post about something similar over a year ago, but I recently got back into doing this when I have had some free time in game, and it's a great way to amass a good amount of gold if you have Mining + JC or just JC even.

Dalaran JC Dailies
If you don't have a lot of epic and rare WotLK cuts, start doing the Dalaran Jewelcrafting dailies on your Jewelcrafter.  The quest is given by Timothy Jones in Dalaran and gets you tokens for epic and rare cuts (also it does not interfere with your regular JC daily).  Sidenote: Resilience is a great seller to these markets.

Obtaining Epic Gems
Now that you have some epic and rare cuts, you're going to want to obtain epic Wrath Gems.  This market is huge and viable for both 70 and 80 twinks, and they sell great.  Also, the cut rare gems sell well, and are byproducts of my method.  There are two profitable ways of obtaining the epic gems.  One way is to buy them for 220 Justice Points from any of these three vendors in Dalaran (probably the best way to spend excess JP).  The other way is to attempt an Icy Prism proc.  These create at least 3 gems, usually 3 rares, with a chance at a Dragon's Eye or a Wrath epic.  This USED to be a daily CD in wrath, but as of Cataclysm, you can do it as much as you want every day, but may only have one in your inventory.

Icy Prism
The downside to the second method is that you have to have to come up with Frozen Orbs.  These are only obtainable from doing Wrath Heroics (killing the final boss) or from 110 JP, which probably isn't worth it considering the Epic Gems themselves only cost 220 JP.  I just have it on a TSM search list I commonly use and pick them up whenever they're cheap (< 35g for me).  Then after I accumulate a certain amount I usually prospect for the other mats of Icy Prism from Saronite Ore, and I uses these macros to create and use the Prisms:


/use Jewelcrafting
/run for i=1,GetNumTradeSkills()do local skillName,_,nA,_,_,_=GetTradeSkillInfo(i)if skillName=="Icy Prism"then DoTradeSkill(i,nA)end end

/use Icy Prism

You have to alternate between these two macros since you can only have one Icy Prism in your inventory at one time.

So Wait...Where Does Mining Come in to All of This?
Glad you asked.  To get the mats for this, as well as some additional gold, I farm (that's right I said it...FARM my Saronite Ore from Wintergrasp.  Doing about 2-3 rounds of WG on my Tauren Druid with +310% flying in a level 25 guild, I have about a stack of Titanium Ore, which I can sell for 500g/stack on my server, plus about 10-12 stacks of Saronite Ore, which I can prospect for common and rare gems for Icy Prism and Dalaran Dailies.  Make sure you have the guild perk that allows extra procs :-).

Disclaimer:  I am not claiming that farming in this case or any is the most productive or best way to spend your time.  It is however a great way to reduce your investment capital and come out on top!

Hope you enjoy this method of creative Wrath gold making, I like to change up my methods every now and then to cut the drudge of my daily gold making routine...even if that means farming!  What's your favorite way to make gold that you don't do on a daily basis?


Phat Lewts

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  1. SHHHH stop giving away all my secrets!

    Also if you are leveling you character, the mining and herb nodes in WG give great xp, and the mobs aren't that hard to deal with from the mid 70's on if you have looms... so it's a very productive xp per hour leveling method as well

    1. I should have remembered to mention it as I used it to level my DK in the Stormspire competition, silly me lol

  2. just a side note: no way to come up with stack of titanium, let's be real: you probably get around 5-10 on TOP if you lucky, most likely 1-5 is the real number if you fly around 3 times. The rest is ok...

  3. fly around 2-3 times u'll have way more than a stack lets be real

  4. RNG is king here. Sometimes a few circuits can yield more than a stack of titanium, some days you'll be lucky to find one. But on average, the farming is simple, quick and quite profitable in the end.

    Always check though if it's better to prospect saronite or turn it into bars for resale. Raw mats always have multiple avenues for profit that shift over time & the astute goblin will always do a little research to find the best outlet for profit.

    Also, don't forget the volatiles that drop from Saronite and titanium farming are cream on the top too and sell quite well also.


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