Sunday, November 15, 2015

Transmog: Phat Lewts' New Method

Hey guys,

It's 3 months short of being 2 years since I came out with my most recent transmog method/list, and that's way too long. On the heels of Blizzcon, where there was a big change announced to transmog (officially at least), I'm coming out with my new lists. Some may be saying transmog is dead, but that's TBD. There's some great discussion going on in the premium section of The Consortium if you have access to that, or in /r/woweconomy here about the changes to the market that Legion will bring

To me, transmog is not dead, any more than the pet market is since pets are account wide. So long as items require to be bound to be learned, there will still be a viable market for transmog. That being said we still have at least 9 months until Legion, so check out my latest (and greatest) transmog video/setup (direct link to new list here):

Phat Lewts


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  2. Thanks Phat

    This is more a comment on your earlier post on mugging being the long game. I;ve sat on some Defias Boots for months and months and months. I've had them to the point that my positing is influencing the realm price for the item and I've thought about manually bringing my sale price down. But they sold yesterday!! I've lost my TSM data in game a number of times, so don't know how much I paid for them, but I'm confident I;ve turned a 110-115k profit on them :)

    [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]bestsaleever[/url] by [url=]Bone asi[/url], on Flickr



  3. Hey path, i did not found any way to contact or email you, so im doing this coment on the most recent post if your blog.
    I was a botter, yeah i was, i didnt have much time to play so i was one of the noobs who took the botting way to goldmaking, and of course i was taken on the recentemente 6 months ban wave. After the 6 months i logged into my account to fins that blizzard had deleted all the gold from those botters who suffered the 6 months ban. I had to think on how to make my gold mountain, with the 2-4 hours i can play daily so i started reading about diferentes ways of goldmaking, saw some vídeos on YouTube, tried petfarming on ood raids, farming on padaria, on cataclysm areas, but it all was too much time comsuming and too much grindy, and i hate grinding.

    So i found your tsm2 videos, first i was amazed by the potential of this addon, them i was scared by the complexity, i watched all the tsm2 videos and spend 2 days at the fóruns (i was really scared i was gonna lose a lot of gold if i ddint know everything about tsm). Them i luckly found out i had two very good professions to play with, ench and inscript, with all the recipes, ( since i only play 1 toon, as i said because of my limited free time).

    I started well ( i alreadly had 40k to invest from the petfarm and grinds i had done) and of course your guides only show US the tools, the how to configure and from them on i had to do the job myself.

    So why AM i writing this? Because today it has been 1 month since i started playing with tsm, i only sell glyphs and enchants and i managed to turn that inicial 40k i had into my atual 523k!!!

    I was a advocate of botting i was a noob, i dfended that players like myself who works, has a family, a business, could not fully enjoy the game(cuz to me it was impossible for that kind of player to havê a lot of gold). I was wrong, and i AM really grateful to you path. That guides opened my eyes and today i understand how foolish it is to use bots and that with 30 minutes a day and a good tsm setup any noob like myself can be rich.

    Really thank you, i hope u can understand my broken english


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