Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alchemy or Inscription?

This post is for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival, which is on Oct 11th!

This month, the topic is:
Pick A Market Or A Strategy That You Planned To Focus On For The MoP Launch.  What Were Your Results?

Maxing My Alchemists
My goal was to level all my Alchemists ASAP and start doing my Living Steel cooldown, and honestly the first week it worked great.  Since you really only need Green Tea Leaves (the most abundant herb in Pandaria) to get the Living Steel Recipe, it was easy and cheap to get all my alchemists the Living Steel Recipe (learned at 550) by the first day.  It cost me around 7,500g to level all 4 to get Living Steel the first day, and I made 70k selling Living Steel that week.  Needless to say, I'm pleased with these results.  For the long run though I'm not so sure that it is the most viable gold making strategy to have 4 Alchemists, as my Living Steel  sales have started to drop off quite a bit, and they're starting to back pile.

Multiple Scribes
So now I'm considering dropping one of my Alchemists for a second scribe. By considering I mean I will do it if Blizzard ever gets their act together and changes the Inscription vendor!!  I would use my second scribe (maybe even a third) for crafting DMF cards, as well as probably a BoA Scribe Staff (after November's DMF).  So far I've been really good at putting off my personal wants (like obtaining a DMF trink ASAP) for more gold making.  I plan on getting a trinket, but I don't raid in a group that really pushes progression, so I have no need for an overpriced trinket right now, especially when there's gold to be made!  I think that the DMF trinks will sell well through the end of the November Faire, after that I'll be focusing in on my own cards/incription needs.  I only wish that I had multiple scribes sooner!

Do you have multiple Scribes, and if not, do you plan on making a second scribe?


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  1. Ya I actually got myself 7 scribes before DMF hit... The real challenge has been getting Starlight ink since no trader yet in game...

    I literally have about 15000 inks now I want to trade... I already have filled 7 full bank tabs with ink and had to start filling a 2nd bank alt with stacks of ink..

    But ya, I feel I have always made a good bulk of cash selling trinkets a week or 2 AFTER the DMF has ended. Prices tend to plummet when lots of competition and I am dominating atm. I still throw up a trinket now since they are going for 150k on my server a piece, but I am holding on to the rest to keep the market from dropping too much. No need to oversupply.

    Pro-tip -- Find an end-game guild on your server and tell them if they buy direct from you you'll give a big discount on the trinkets... I sell to a guild for 100k a trinket instead of my 150k AH pricing on DPS/healing trinkets. This may seem like a HUGE loss, but with so much competition, the steady income and the letting go of some of my supply is rather nice, and 100k is still a solid profit. Plus you get to enjoy the fun of making friends with these top tier guilds...

    It might be easier for me since I have 2x25 man guilds on my server that are vying for world and national rankings...

    Good post though man I enjoy your blog

  2. i am rolling with 3 scripes, and its a dream. i have 2 decks up for 75k/90k each (not selling as good as i expected as full decks) so i've now gone back to selling single cards for 4-6k each, which is rather nice imo.

    I still have 4 alchemists and their daily living steel (incl procs) sells quite nicely for about 700g a pop. im keeping a stack of them in stock, for that rainy day where i can comfortbly reset the prices and post a ton at my chosen price.
    I think right now the scribes are making tons of money, but that will die soon, but the alchemists are making money in the long run. hopefully living steel will remain part of craftables throughout the expansion, and at least the beltbuckles will remain in high demand :)


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