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Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 10/2

It's been a while since I've done a classic Phat's Weekly Lewt Review (I call it classic but I'm sure most of you forgot I even did them), but I'm considering getting back into doing these weekly, but only time will tell if I'll keep up with it.

So this week my grand total is up to 3,446,744 just 53,000 and change short of 3.5 million!  Over the past month and a half (it's been a while since I've updated my numbers) I've made on average ~6,200 per day.  I'll take it.  Recently I've been playing a little more of the actual game, and less of the gold making side (for me less is still probably 100x more than the average player).  I'm in a bit of a low power mode though

Low Power Mode
I'm currently operating in what your laptop would call low power mode, doing the minimum that I see fit to ensure I keep making gold.  I've got a lot going on IRL, and I've only had a limited time to make gold in game, as I've also been spending much of the limited time I have in game on actually playing the game for a change.  More on that below for those who care.

Anyway I thought I'd go over, with limited time, the priorities of things that I see as "most optimal" when I play the AH.

  1. Burn all crafting CDs
  2. Post Gems/Enchants
  3. Post Crafted PvP Gear
  4. Post Glyphs
  5. Keep up on crafting
  6. Post Transmog/Leveling Gear
Luckily I had enough of a surplus when I started that I've had to do minimal crafting phases.  

New Suppliers
In the past week or two I've had the fortune of coming across a few farmers.  These guys are probably not bots, because they deal in pretty small quantities.  I get about 20-24 stacks of Ghost Iron Ore or 10-12 stacks of Ghost Iron Bars from them each day, and when there's 2 of them, it works out quite well for me! One guy was selling in trade and I caught him, the other had posted GIO for a really nice price I'd be willing to pay daily, so I mailed him and told him we could cut out the middle man/AH fee, and he happily obliged.  I was getting a bit low on GIO, but now I'm in a good place with it, at least until one of them decides to stop playing.

So in theory, both US and EU realms today have 21 (at least) of their CDs, and can start crafting ilvl 553 belts.  I was kind of playing back a bit looking to take a queue from my server on what the pricing should be, but as far as I've seen there's only been one piece posted on my (low pop) server since Monday, the first day they became craftable.  I'm only paying ~40g for my BS CD, ~90g for my Tailoring, and ~240g for my leatherworking CD (notice an imbalance here?).  This makes the belt, if I were to craft it and not wait for the pants have a cost of  840g for BS, 1,890g for Tailoring, and 5,040 for LW.  I'm just finding it hard to put my finger on a price I think is both good for me, and going to sell.  I guess that last part doesn't matter because I'll be the only one with these on the AH.  I'm thinking 30-40k.  Might start at 50 and work my way down.

What really sucks is that I haven't learned a single belt recipe for Tailoring.  I've decided to go with belts because I think that they will sell better than pants, mostly because (and this is my personal rational when I buy gear) I would wait until I got the 4 set before deciding whether or not to shell out the gold for pants.  That being said Paragons won't open on Flex/LFR for another 2ish weeks, so my theory may be complete garbage, but I think belts are definitely a safe bet.

Hope you all enjoyed.  I'm considering writing some more about TSM.  I keep seeing the same questions pop up.  Not sure if I'll actually end up doing something written or some more videos, but if you have anything you'd like to see, let me know below!


Phat Lewts

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  1. How are you doing with the crafted pvp gear? On my realm it's a bust. Nobody cares about it because of all the 496 gear that drops in Timeless Isle.


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