Global Pricing Sources

I have updated my initial pricing from the video, click here for current pricing setup.

To get both the Wowuction and DBGlobalMarketAvg price sources, you will need to download and install the newest version of the TSM App, and enable it with Wowuction (by getting a code from the Wowuction website) as well as enabling global prices when you set up the app. You need to make an account, but the TSM App is one of the most useful tools you'll ever have in gold making. You can read about some of the recent updates in my post here.


  1. Do i need to update TUJ data daily, weekly, monthly, at all?

    1. Needs to be updated weekly for the latest prices.

  2. When I start a post search, it shows me - item/group is invalid. How do I fix this ? :)

  3. It will tell you in the chat frame just why it is may need to scroll back a few lines but it is there


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