MoP Rare Pets

Blizzard recently announced that they are going to make a number of "non-capture" pets (current non combat pets) into rares come Mists of Pandaria.  Rare Battle Pets will be more desirable, because at any specific level, they'll be stronger than their non-rare counterparts.  The original Blue post with the list can be found here.  I decided to take all these pets and organize them in a way that makes sense to me, by how you obtain them.  I will be updating this page if they add more, as the blue post suggested they would.  A lot of the pet names meant nothing to me when I read them so I decided to do some research, I hope you enjoy the list! 

One personal gripe before the list:  The blue post said they were deciding which pets to change "based on how difficult they are to obtain", but a vast majority of the pets are ones you can buy directly from Blizzard for cash.
/end rant

Bind on Pickup
    Achievement Pets
        -Current Achevements
        -Mists of Pandaria Achievments
    Darkmoon Faire Pets
    Profession BoP
    Purchasable (Real Money)
        -Arena Pass/Authenticator
        -Collector's Edition
        -Pet Store
        -Trading Card Game
    Quest (non-profession)
    Rare Drops

Bind on Equip
    Rare Drops
    The Other Two

Bind on Pickup

Acheivement Pets
Current (Cataclysm Obtainable)
Stinker - Reward for Pet Achievment (50)
Little Fawn - Reward for Pet Achievement (75)
Nuts - Reward for Pet Achievement (100)
Brilliant Kaliri - Reward for Pet achievement (125)
Celestial Dragon - Reward for Pet Achievement (150)
Kirin Tor Familiar - Achievement: Higher Learning
Pebble - Rock Lover Achievement
Dark Phoenix Hatchling - Guild Achievement: 55 Exalted Reps

Mists of Pandaria Added Achievements
Feral Vermling - Reward for Capturing 100 pets
Jade Tentacle - Earn 300 pet battle points

Darkmoon Faire Pets
Darkmoon Balloon - 90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon Cub - 90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon Monkey - 90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon Tonk - 90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon Turtle - 90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon Zeppelin - 90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket

Profession BoP Pets
Archaeology Pets
Clockwork Gnome - Archaeology (Dwarf)
Crawling Claw - Archaeology (Tol'vir)
Fossilized Hatchling - Archaeology (Fossil)
Pterrodax Hatchling - Archaeology (Fossil)
Voodoo Figurine - Archaeology (Troll)

Fishing Pets
Chuck - BoP Shattrath Fishing Daily
Muckbreath - Shattrath Fishing Daily
Snarly - Shattrath Fishing Daily
Toothy - Shattrath Fishing Daily
Magical Crawdad - (Possible) Reward from catching Mr. Pinchy
Giant Sewer Rat - BoP Fishing Drop (Dalaran Sewer)
Strand Crawler - BoP Fishing Dailies Dalaran/Capitol City

Purchasable* with Real Money
*Some not available anymore, or available yet.

Arena Pass/Authenticator
Murkimus - Arena Pass Pet
Core Hound Pup - Authenticator

Blizzcon Pets
Murkablo - Blizzcon 2011
Deathy - Blizzcon 2010
Grunty - Blizzcon 2009
Murky - Blizzcon 2005

Collector's Edition Pets
Fetish Shaman - Diablo 3 Collector's Edition
Frosty - WotLK Collector's Edition
Lil' Deathwing - Cataclysm Collector's Edition
Lucky Quilen Cub - MoP Collector's Edition
Lurky - EU only BC Collector's Edition
Mini Thor - SCII Collector's Edition
Netherwhelp - BC Collector's Edition
Panda Cub - Vanilla Collector's Edition
Mini Diablo - Vanilla Collector's Edition
Zergling - Vanilla Collector's Edition

Pet Store Pets
Cenarion Hatchling - Pet Store
Gryphon Hatchling - Pet Store
Lil' K.T. - Pet Store
Lil' Ragnaros - Pet Store
Lil' XT - Pet Store
Moonkin Hatchling - Pet Store
Pandaren Monk - Pet Store
Soul of the Aspects - Pet Store
Wind Rider Cub - Pet Store

Trading Card Pets
Bananas - TCG Pet
Dragon Kite - TCG Pet
Ethereal Soul-Trader - TCG Pet
Eye of the Legion - TCG Pet
Gregarious Grell - TCG Pet
Hippogryph Hatchling - TCG Pet
Landro's Lichling - TCG Pet
Landro's Lil' XT - TCG Pet
Nightsaber Cub - TCG Pet
Purple puffer - TCG Pet
Rocket Chicken - TCG Pet
Sand Scarab - TCG Pet
Spectral Tiger Cub - TCG Pet
Tuskarr Kite - TCG Pet

Quest Related Pets (Non-Profession Related Quests)
Crimson Lasher - Molten Front Dailies
Hyjal Bear Cub - Molten Front Dailies
Searing Scorhling - 5% drop from bag with 30 Marks of the World Tree BoP
Panther Cub - 4.1 Questline Started in Major Cities
Lashtail Hatchling - Zul'Gurub Quest (added in 4.1)

Rare Drops
Sprite Darter Hatchling  - BoP Drop
Phoenix Hatchling - BoP Drop
Fox Kit - BoP Drop
Mr. Grubbs - BoP grind
Tiny Shale Spider - BoP off Rare in Deepholm

Because if I did they'd have too many classifications
Lumpy - Xmas Holiday Pet
Baby Blizzard Bear - WoW's 4th Anniversary
Onyxian Whelpling - WoW's 5th Anniversary
Lucky - Blizzard 2007 Worldwide Invitational
Mini Tyrael - 2008 World Invitational

Bind on Equip

Rare Drops
Azure Whelpling - BoE Drop
Crimson Whelpling - BoE Drop
Dark Whelpling - BoE Drop
Emerald Whelpling - BoE Drop
Firefly - BoE Drop
Gundrak Hatchling - BoE drop
Hyacinth Macaw - BoE Drop
Razzashi Hatchling - BoE Drop
Disguisting Oozeling - Farming Oozing Bags BoE

The Other Two
Guardian Cub - BoE Pet Store
Elementium Geode - BoE Mining

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