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4.3 Shenanigans

So 4.3 was released 34 hours ago and in that time I've made just over 95k gold according to my addons.  About 3k gold/ hour is not too bad!  Going to post some of my winners and losers of the first 2 days of 4.3:


Inferno Ruby Cuts - Of course.  Selling nonstop and still going.  Ember and Burning Shadowspirit Diamond - Other cuts too, but these two in particular are constantly flying off the shelf.  Had 45 on my posting alt and had to craft more this morning because of the demand!  Gotta love those casters!Ebonsteel Belt Buckle - May seem like an obvious choice, but the price really skyrocketed on these and I made and sold a lot more than I expected to on the first few days, mostly based on the wide array of belts released this patch.Enchants - Unfortunately I wasn't willing to go the extra mile and make scrolls from my enchanting mats from my Elementium Shuffle, but I did make a pretty good profit on the mats, meaning the scrolls must be going for all the more.Losers Vici…

Alchemy Gold Making Tip

Hey guys!  I know a lot of Alchemists out there do their daily transmute cooldown, and most likely make Truegold every time.  I'm here to tell you that contrary to popular belief, it's not necessarily the most profitable transmute you can make, especially if you're not a transmute master.

Living Elements is a highly misunderstood transmute.  After me suggesting it, you may be thinking, why gamble at getting a worthless transmute of Volatile Earth when I can just make the guaranteed profit of Truegold?  The answer is simple.  Transmute: Living Elements will actually give you a specified Volatile, if you do it in the right Cataclysm zone.  A Blizzard post about this can be found here.

To sum it up, I've included the following table:
Transmute: Living Elements ResultsVolatileCorresponding Cataclysm ZoneEarth Deepholm Fire Mount Hyjal Water Vashj'ir Air Uldum
What should catch your eye is that you can transmute 15 Volatile Life to 14-16 (15 on average) Volatile Air b…