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TradeSkillMaster Big Release Day!

TSM, Now The New TUJ
In case you missed it, the authors of everyone's favorite gold making addon, TradeSkillMaster, today have started their mission to dominate all aspects of gold making!  They have released a new website, similar to The Undermine Journal (which recently went offline due to server issues). It's going to take some getting used to, and it's a living breathing website, so expect changes and updates in the near future. Go check out the new website over at!! Search for an item and see the results!

The Beta App is Now Live!!
If you haven't been using the beta app yet, you're about to learn about all the goodness that the app has to offer! The data the app is now stored on TSM's servers, so your data won't be determined by when you are on your computer, it will be the data everyone else has, and up to date, only limited by Blizzard's API! This means that no waiting for data to become reliable in your addon anymore on…

Transmog List Beta Testing

Recently I've been getting a bunch of comments on my Transmog videos/blog/emails/etc. about how the TUJ sources are erroring out. Come on guys! I know it's probably not the people who actually sit down and read my blog, but if a price source doesn't work, take it out of the expression, simple as that!

I'm adding DBGlobalMarketAvg to my pricing, and I'm going to average (avg function in TSM) that and the wowuction source now. I've edited my original xmog instructions to reflect this change.  If you do not have access to that pricing source, you can get it by enrolling in the TSM App open beta by following the instructions here.

Beta Testing
So the TSM App is not the only gold making tool going under some beta testing. Thanks mainly to TheExile, a Wind Trader over at The Consortium Forums who mentioned that quite a few of the items he liked to flip were missing from my lists. So of course I had to make it better.

My first instinct was to import other xmog lists, a…

Are We Inflating Transmog Prices?

So thanks to TheExile, a Wind Trader at the Consortium forums, I've recently gotten the bug to revisit my transmog groups, and I'm currently in the process of creating an additional list of items that I'm going to (at least try) and do something pretty "revolutionary" with, and have people 'beta test' it out before I release it as my default list. The method I'm using to do this is not for the feint of heart, and will take me at least a week (mostly because of work time constraints), but I'm really excited on revamping and adding many items to my transmog lists, and having all your feedback on it, but that's for another day (PS you can follow TheExile on Twitter here).

Inflating Transmog Prices
While going through this process of revamping my transmog lists, I had a bit of an interesting thought. That is, with many of us using region wide pricing, and marking prices up above 100%, are we artificially inflating prices for super rare transmog set…

Merged AH's and No More 25 Guilds

Unified Server Auction House
Unless you live under a golden rock, you probably heard the news that's echoing throughout the gold making community, that Alliance and Horde Auction Houses will be combined in 6.0 (source).

An interesting decision by Blizzard, kind of a curveball, but as far as gold making potential, to me it means a lot more venues to make gold. For example currently I have 8 or so max profession toons Horde side and 1 Alliance side. On that 1 Alliance toon I also post xmog/leveling gear, and make a pretty sizable income. Now all my profit venues are consolidated, and I can run all of my operations (mainly) from Horde side without penalty. I think it will benefit the AH Campers a little bit too much, but only time will tell.

It does bring up some interesting questions however. For example, will we now be able to trade and chat cross faction? I mean we basically can as is with, but as someone who purchases mats from the AH from one toon, then ships them of…