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Garrison Part 1 Gold Making Analysis

So today Blizzard released Part 1 in a 4 Part series all about Garrisons. I'm not going to go through all the nuances of the Garrison they've added, but solely focus on the gold making aspect. Now, before I get too far in the analysis here, I want to point out the most important part to us gold makers:

"The Garrison also grants you other powerful benefits. It will play an integral role in your professions on Draenor, giving your character access to more than just the normal two primary professions (we’ll cover that in more depth in part 2 of this preview series)."

So it seems that our long awaited in depth post about the interplay between Garrisons and Professions is on the horizon. Given how Blizzard has been tending to release information as of late, I'd imagine we'll see this next week around this same time.

Gold Making Invitational Days 16-27

Days 1-5
Days 6-15

Today I'm going to post the rest of the days of the competition, with a wrap up to follow tomorrow. Wanted to include it in this post, but it's taking me longer than expected to write, so I figured I'd throw the last chunk of days out for y'all to read, and get to the

Day 16
Made 762g in the overnight, reposted auctions in the morning quick. I got Crafty Vermilion Onyx (Exp/Crit) for my daily cut, not too bad! I made a bunch of those, reset a few other cuts, as well as some enchants and shoulder enchants (got ~3k by the night). Doing quite well with that. There are ~2 weeks left so I'm going to attempt to start building up capital, ended the night with over 1k, but I still will not hesitate to spend if an opportunity presents itself.

Start: 1,144g
End: 1,312g
Auctions: 64,102g

Gold Making Invitational Days 6-15

Previous: Days 1-5
Next: Days 16-25

So the contest wrapped up this past week, but I've been crazy busy. Drove cross country from NJ to Texas, starting a new job, and all that good stuff, so I haven't really been able to keep up with updating this properly, so here's days 6-15. Will probably put out 16-25 tomorrow or the next day, and then a nice wrap up post following that. Without further ado, here's Days 6-15:

Day 6
Had a decent overnight, ~900g in sales, it's time to reinvest it! Got a piece of 80-84 blue gear for 190g and reposted that, and invested the rest in my transmog list. Chain ran some UK dungeons, 2 Cobalt nodes per run is pretty nice gold. Ran till 72, then went out for the night, posted when I got home but did not play much, as it was late.

Start: 960g
Finished: 190g
Auctions: 53,372g

Day 7
A pretty dismal overnight put me to 223g, and increase of just over 30g. I spent most of that gold leveling up my Jewelcrafting mainly to hit 400 and start pros…

WoW Alpha Build 18297 Brings Some WoD Profession Recipes

If you have gotten sick of following all the drab updates with the Alpha Client, you'll be glad to know that we actually got some (relatively) interesting information in this last one.

If you're interested in reading the Wowhead synopsis, you can check it out here. Also I'm keeping all of my WoD news indexed at the WoD Gold Making tab up top, so be sure to check it out to catch up to the latest and greatest gold making information from Warlords of Draenor.

Quite a few new profession spells were added in this iteration of the Alpha. I suggest you check them out, but take them with a grain of salt, as some of them feel a bit generic, and possibly just for testing. Keeping that in mind, below are the major changes, by profession:

Inscription got a few new glyphs, but the main attraction here is the Darkmoon Card of Draenor. So it's pretty much confirmed Inscription will have it's ever so profitable during the beginning of the expansion Darkmoon Cards, but t…

5.4.8 Changes Bring JC Gold

If you've got a Jewelcrafter that you've been neglecting recently as part of your gold making lineup, you'll probably want to ramp things back up for a while. 5.4.8 which was just released on EU/US servers adds the ability to upgrade pieces 4 times as opposed to 2.

At face value it may not mean a lot, but people will soon be upgrading pieces with hit or other stats, and their gems they used to gain hit/expertise/haste/whatever caps will now be superfluous and they'll need to optimize their stats. Unfortunately for Enchanters, a lot of Enchants are best in slot for a certain spec once they hit a certain ilvl, and when they can switch around gems rather than drop those enchants, they'll usually do so. On top of that, the gear bonus is basically a nerf to SoO, and people will be running more SoO's and downing more bosses. People will definitely buy more enchants, but in my opinion the change in sales in Enchanting won't be comparable to the changes that Jewelc…

Competition Log: Days 1-5

Throughout this competition I've been keeping a daily "Captain's Log" style record of my transactions. Some are shorter than others, but they go over my methodology throughout. Since the competition still has a week left I'm going to be releasing these slowly, but I figure what can what I did on days 1-5 hurt me on day 25? I'll probably release up to day 10, maybe day 15 before the competition comes to a close, at which point I'll release the rest, with conclusions.

Day 1
On the first day most of my time was spent getting my DK out of the starting zone. I chose to roll a Goblin DK for the insta 55 as well as the Alchemy profession bonus. Once I got out of the starting zone I continued to level for a bit (up to 59). Wanted to run a Hellfire Penninsula before I went to bed, but queued for random dungeons by mistake and got LBRS. Ouch. Got a random drop of Ebonhold Leggings from that run before I dropped it, so all was not lost! Posted all my cloth and …

30 Day Gold Making Twitter Contest

So as you may know if you read my previous post, I recently started a 30 day gold making challenge on Mannoroth - Horde US. There are 7-8 participants, and 2 winners. One with the most gold per hour, and another for the most gold overall. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of competing going on, minus a select few of the 8 entrants, so to sweeten the pot, I'm having a mini-contest within this contest. Meta contestery! Whoever can guess the closest to my final gold total at the end of 30 days, will win a Cinder Kitten pet (read details below for how to enter)!

Background Information to Help you Guess
We had to roll just one toon on a new server, no BoAs or transferring of wealth from other servers (all rules at official contest post here). Contest is 30 days long (ends May 23rd). I'm going for most gold overall, not GPH (although hopefully I'll get both).My strategy is to flip, and get a DK to 80 and get maxed JC/Alchemy ASAP. I plan on a final /played anywhere from 60-…