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Gold Making Competition and The Golden Keg

Two big news items today. The first is that The (free!!) second edition of The Golden Keg magazine is now out and available for your consumption. Featuring myself and other gold makers including Wowprofitz, Novitsh, and 8Bit Bruce, the magazine is a monthly compilation of articles that are only available in one place. The topics range from noobie gold making, to farming, to Warlords of Draenor speculation (guess which one I wrote), this magazine has information for any level of WoW gold maker out there, and the articles within are only posted in the magazine. If you don't want to miss out, be sure to check it out!

You can find the latest edition of The Golden Keg at this link, and you can also find our first ever edition from this past March at that link as well! If you are a gold maker who is interested in writing for The Golden Keg you can contact me via email at

The second bit of news is that I will be competing in the "Gold Making Invitational 201…

3 Years of Phat Lewts!

So I missed it by about a week, but April 12th, 2011 was the date of the first post ever posted on Phat Lewts' Gold Blog, making this past April 12th 3 years since my first post!

Taking a Look Back
So let's look back to that original post, the one that got things started. As you know I'm generally not one for fanfare, so there was no "introduction post" to Phat Lewts' Gold Blog, just a post titled Accountant. Receiving a whopping 87 views to this very date, my first post was a bit of a dud. You can check it out, I edited the text formatting a bit. The original text was black and impossible to read on my current background, but I preserved the wonky layout and text of the original. You may also notice I was posting under the name Dwhittman, which at the time the name of my main character (an Orc Warlock).

Shortly after that first post I wrote my second post TradeSkillMaster - Posting & Canceling. Looking at the screenshots in that post, I can safely say th…

Garrisons and Gold Making: What We Know

As you may have heard, Blizzard is planning a 4 part series of blogs on Garrisons Soon™, but we've been getting bits and pieces of information from Blizzard interviews as well as datamined information. We discussed this at length on the latest episode of The Drunken Musings Podcast which I co-host. Quite honestly I'm a bit disappointed on how Blizzard is blatantly dragging their feet on releasing information, but I guess they have a long time to stretch it out over.

One of the most important things that we have learned from Blizzard so far is that "Garrisons are tied to every aspect of max-level tradeskills so if you want to advance your tradeskills, you have to build that up in your garrison." I'm going to try and summarize what we know so far, of course related mostly to gold making.

Garrison Levels
Everything involved with Garrisons, both buildings and the actual Garrison itself have 3 levels. Level 1 is the base level you receive, and you have to work up to Le…

Death of the Leveling Gear Markets in Warlords

One of the big flipping markets currently is leveling gear. Will the leveling gear market die in Warlords of Draenor with the item squish? This question has been on the minds of everyone involved in these markets since the news of the item squish came out.  Based on datamined stat changes, the answer is looking like a resounding yes.

For those of you unfamiliar with the markets, there is BoE leveling gear in the 77-79 and 80-84 brackets that are from an expansion ahead of where you are currently leveling. For example the 77-79 gear has Cataclysm stats for a WotLK leveler. These additional stats make them ideal for leveling, both in increasing output and efficiency, as well as being able to faceroll BGs. Of course there's gold to be had in this market, to read more on the strategy you can check out my old post on it here.

Engineering: Becoming a Gold Making Profession

Including a "this is early alpha and mostly speculation" disclaimer here and now, but I just wanted to focus in on some of the cool changes to engineering I mentioned previously in my post about the items datamined off the Alpha as well as some changes that Blizzard employees Zarhym and Celestalon talked about during their Final Boss Podcast Appearance (link goes to relevant discussion).

Engineering has never really been a true "gold making profession". Never in the history of World of Warcraft has someone said "I want to make gold in a productive fashion" and someone suggested "You should definitely get Engineering to rake in the gold". In fact if I made a list of all the crafting professions in order of gold making prowess/priority to get, Engineering would probably be on the bottom of the list. No, you don't get Engineering for gold making, you get it for the cool perks.  PvPers and PvEers alike swear by engineering for the awesom…

Datamined Warlords of Draenor Profession Changes - Alpha Client 6.0

So Blizzard has released the Official Alpha client, and the nice folks over at MMO-Champion and Wowhead have gotten their hands on it and have been parsing all the data. There's quite a bit of interesting news, I honestly can't cover everything because it's just a bit of a data dump, but I'm going to highlight the things/items that I found interesting.

Just to point out, most of what I say here is complete speculation, no one has actually been on WoW's Alpha client yet, so everything that is known now is solely from data files.

Alchemy seems to be a profession they focused on with this iteration of the alpha of Warlords of Draenor. From MMO-Champion we know Alchemy has been restructured to include the following categories:
Alchemy of DraenorReagentsFlasksPotionsTrinketsAncient Alchemical Recipes
It seems to me that Ancient Alchemical Recipes will have the same subheadings, so immediately we see that Warlords of Draenor alchemy is going to be changed dramatic…

Gold Making News From Warlords of Draenor Alpha Patch Notes

So if you did not see, Blizzard has released the Alpha patch notes for Warlords of Draenor. The next WoW expansion is not yet in public beta testing, but since they are hosting the alpha on a public servers that can/will be data mined, they've released a plethora of official information, and I highly suggest you go check it out, especially if you are interested in other aspects than gold making, as this is what I will primarily be covering in this article (of course).

Not much information that we did not already know, garrisons are listed as not yet available for testing on the Alpha, so we likely will not learn about how to best use these for quite some time. If you are interested in reading the short Garrison section it's available here.

Automatically Learned Glyphs
So Blizzard has decided, since "in order to get glyphs, characters need to visit an Auction House (and potentially pay way more gold than an average character of that level has yet)", that they …

April Fools! Phat Lewts' Ultimate Gold Guide

Apologies to everyone who actually wanted to purchase a guide, but my post advertising Phat Lewts' Ultimate Gold Guide was indeed an April Fool's joke, as quite a few suspected!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me put this together, first off Sterling for writing a post promoting my gold guide and featuring it on The Consortium Forums front page. I'd also like to thank everyone who took the time to make a fake testimonial video:
WowProfitz (stream)Shinn (stream)Acubed10 (stream)GoblinRaset (stream) Each and every one of these guys put together longer testimonial video than my own 3 minute spoof gold guide video, so a big thank you to all of them for taking the time to do that, it really was the believability glue that held the whole thing together.

Why'd ya do it Phat, Why?!
Last April maybe a day or two after April Fool's I had that brilliant idea, kind of like that brilliant comeback you think of 3 days after an argument you had with someone while in the …


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