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Market Value Exponential Failure

As many of you have realized by now, I like to share my mishaps and failures in WoW gold making as much as I like to share my success.

This week I've learned a lesson that quite possibly only be learned from playing on a small server.  I don't think that this would remotely happen on a server such as Illidan - Horde, which is a good thing for those playing on larger servers.  This actually happened to many of my enchanting groups, but I'm going to highlight my group for Enchant Bracer - Critical Strike.  This particular enchant I crafted because TSM thought it was profitable to sell at 100g.  Great 100g, only 25g in mats, sure I'll craft it, why not!  Turns out though that I was the only one on my server crafting these, which is where the mishap came from.

Posting Setup
I was lazy when I set up my groups.  I put all my enchants in one group and set the Fallback as 175% of the market value, and the Threshold as 35% of the Market Value, then let TSM fix my gro…

On the Recent WoW Duping

Just wanted to write up a post about the most recent "duping scandals" from the past few days, and what I've seen so far about it.  Whenever these dupes come out, I always think it's interesting to read about them, and learn how they work(ed).  They're found by people who have much more patience than me, who are passionate about a different aspect of the game.  Just like I enjoy making gold, they enjoy finding loopholes in WoW's code, and exploiting them.

Heard it Through the Grapevine I first heard about all of this from this thread on The Consortium.  Many members were having massive amounts of TCG items bought up all at once, and were posting about it on this thread.  Unfortunately my own TCG mounts I bought to flip months ago are still rotting away on the Auction House, guess they didn't like small servers.  After reading UtesDad's comment on that thread I was curious about the actual method, and headed over to Ownedcore to see what I could learn…

5.3 Gold Making

Instead of doing a Weekly Review today, I figured I'd go over some of my observations thus far from the patch, gold making mostly, but otherwise as well.  Not having played on the PTR, I'm enjoying the learning experience, and figuring out the new content.

Questline For those of you who haven't done it yet, the quest lines were pretty cool (mostly scenarios), but the most notable thing for a gold makers is that there are ilvl 502 boots as a reward, which may put a damper on many boot sales, PvP or otherwise, so keep that in mind.  
Battlefield: Barrens There's a lot of things to cover in this, wowhead has their own guide, and I'm going to assume basic knowledge of this guide below.  Mobs in this new area drop epic items, such as Kor'kron Leggings that are BoE and can be turned into ilvl 489 pieces once weekly(Total Slots Covered: Belt, Boots, Chest, Gloves, Head, Legs, Shoulders).   For the most part this will be negatively impacting sales, but since it can onl…

My 5.3 Preparations

Since 5.3 is dropping tomorrow I just figured that it's finally time to actually answer the question I've been putting off for weeks (not that I have a complex response, sorry), "What are you doing to prepare for 5.3?" as well as "What are you stockpiling for 5.3?"
Nothing. Okay I'm not doing "Nothing" per say, but I'm not stockpiling, nor am I doing anything super secret or innovative in preparation for patch day tomorrow.  I'm crafting ahead of time, at least a full stack of each cut of gem, especially the PvP related ones, as well as 1 of every Crafted Dreadful piece, enchants, belt buckles, the usual, nothing out of the ordinary.  As with any other major patch, more players will be coming to the game, more people will be getting gear, and more people will be buying enhancements for their items.

The one thing I am doing that may be (but probably isn't) slightly innovative is crafting some epic WotLK PvP cuts.  Who knows how thes…

Enigma Seed Herb Rates

Over the past few months I've been keeping track of the rates of herbs of Enigma Seeds I've been planting on my main.  Today I'm going to share that data with you, as I figured my readers might find it useful, but please take it with a grain of salt.  These aren't guaranteed rates, but just my personal data, that I'm using to approximate how much the 5 minutes of planting and tending to crops is worth to me.

Golden Lotus I've been tracking Golden Lotus for longer than the complete set of herbs, so I've made it it's own separate table.  I started recording data in Patch 5.1, and have separated the data because I've found the disparity in averages to be notable, although it does not necessarily imply that the rate was actually changed from 5.1 to 5.2.  Also, all data today is based on planting 16 plots of Enigma Seeds per day.  

PatchTotal Golden LotusDays RecordedAverage per Day5.1190424.524 5.2181345.324 Total371764.882
Remaining Herbs I started re…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 5/15 - Guild Bank Purchasing Bonanza

My weekly review is a day late, but as of yesterday I was up 50k on the week, pushing my grand total above 2.5 million liquid gold!  It was a relatively boring week in gold making, but yesterday I purchased a guild bank which distracted me to the point of not getting my weekly review out, and I thought it would be pretty interesting to have as the main focus.

Guild Bank Shenanigans Yes, shenanigans.  So yesterday while milling some herbs on my scribe I notice in trade chat that someone is selling a level 24 guild with 5 tabs, and the stuff in the tabs.  Whenever I see something like this, I log right off, and hop on my unguilded toon to check out their guild banks to see if I can get a good deal.  So I whispered the guy, and I was the first one to bite (also keep in mind that this all worked out a lot better than it normally does).  I got an invite to the guild and asked for full permission to see the tabs, and he obliged.  I then used Sapu's amazing macro from The Consortium forum…

It's Not Profitable on my Server

Today I'm going to write about one of the most common and equally most illogical arguments I see from people either new to gold making or new to a particular market - "It's not profitable on my server".

I honestly wish that people would just stop and think about what they're saying for a moment before making such a daft claim.  This is the assumption you're making about the seller when you say a market is not profitable on your server: the guy selling it is spending his own time to craft this plethora of items, all solely for the joy of losing gold.  As the saying goes "There's a method in the madness."  Just because you don't know how the market is profitable on your server does not mean that it isn't.

Zerohour touched on this  in his most recent post (which is well worth the read), one of the most important and useful aspects to gold making is digging your heels in and actually learning for yourself about how somethin…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 5/8

Getting this one out a day late, but numbers reflect the week ending on 5/8.

Another week another...42k.  A mediocre showing, putting me just short of 2.5 million liquid, but considering the level of crafting I did this week and the weeks previous, I'd expect more, but I'll get into that.

Breakdown of Incomes
Below I'm going to do a rough breakdown to give you an idea of where I made the most gold this week.  The highest income comes from my main which is not only a function of how much they sell but how many times per day I am able to post auctions (usually post max of once/day from other alts).

Gems/Leg & Shoulder Enchants/Tailoring PvP gear- 37k
DMF Trinkets - 16k
Alliance Flipping - 8k
Horde Flipping - 8k
Enchants - 6.5k
Glyphs - 4k
BS PvP Gear - 3k
Engineering Products - 1.4k

Slumps and Ruts
Based on my numbers, and other's tales of current gold making, it feels as if we've all hit that "end of patch slump".  That time in the patch where less peop…

Finding your Gold Making Niche

So during GoblinRaset's Roundtable Podcast that I recently participated in, we talked about our favorite "Niche Markets", and today I wanted to write about a similar topic, finding your own niche within the gold making World (of Warcraft).

Be sure to check out the episode of The Drunken Mogul's Happy Hour Podcast Episode 1 here.

Finding Your Niche
If you've listened to the show, or when you do (*nudge nudge*), you'll notice that we don't all have the same methods to making gold.  Erogroth for example tends to focus almost exclusively on flipping markets, with a bit of professions mixed in.  Others tend to do a bit of everything, like Jim Younkin or myself.  Profitz on the other hand likes flipping greens while learning markets such as JC, Tailoring, and Engineering.  Finally, there are others like Thairus who excel in markets most of us avoid, like Engineering.

The point is that everyone in the above examples has a different spread of combos of professio…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 5/1

This week's review is going to be relatively short, not a very eventful week.  I once again slacked on restocking my crafting professions, and I am only up 31k on the week, mostly because I've spent time gearing my newly 90 Disc Priest with my time in game, which I have enjoyed thus far.  I guess the healer queues make it a bit less painless, and I still feel like a dps with Atonement.  Below is the highlight reel of things I did this week in game related to gold making.

Investing in the Alliance
I spent a lot of gold on my Alliance toon this week.  The character is at 78 and I started getting the mats for leveling professions to 600 once I get 80 (more professions to neglect!).  I also bought that alt 280% flying, because the Outland speed is just a bit too slow for my taste, time is money, long term investment yadda yadda.  I also invested roughly 10k into blues in the twink market this week, which all should flip relatively quickly.  I'm down roughly 8k for the week on …