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Thoughts on Pricing ilevel 502 Reborn Weapons

Blacksmiths have had time to get their 30 Lightning Steel Ingot, and the 502 Reborn Weapons have finally started to hit the market (I'm still 1 CD short).  If you're unfamiliar with them, check out this past post I did on them.   The big question on everyone's mind (at least everyone with a Blacksmith) is "what kind of price can I actually get for these?"  Right now the weapons are hovering around 70k average across servers according to TUJ, which in my opinion is a bit higher than most people will be willing purchase it for.  Let's take a look at some of the facts.

Know Your Market
The person purchasing this weapon is purchasing it for one of two reasons.  Either they want the ilevel boost on an alt, or they want to use it for transmog, simple as that.  Most mains have been in ToT on LFR for at least a few weeks now, and probably already have (at least) 502 weapons.  Aside from those with absolutely disposable income, most people won't pay 70k for such an item.  Let's be reasonable, for that price if they wanted it that much, it would have been cheaper to level a Blacksmith for the cooldowns and make it themselves, drop Blacksmithing, then relevel their old profession to max again.

Estimating Cost
I crunched a few numbers, and I came up with a minimum bound on the cost of these items, and I just want to share with you my methodology first.  The weapons have 3 base components, 300x, varying numbers of, and 18x  For my analysis I chose to value each item at their current "market price" as if you were buying them off the Auction House (the price you could have gotten for them had you not used them to craft the weapon).  For SoH I used the value of 2x as the floor price of SoH (they are most likely valued at more, but I wanted a MINIMUM).  Below are the base prices followed by the price to craft the final i502 version of each weapon.

Weapon Approx Crafting Price 10,128 g 11,069 g 10,128 g 12,010 g 12,915 g 12,915 g

As you can see this minimum varies from 10-13k for the weapon, plus value of the 30 days worth of cooldowns it takes to craft the weapon.  These are the floor on the approximate price, making the assumptions stated above.

Okay Phat, Get to the Point!
That being said, the price range I'd expect for these to actually sell for on most servers is between 30k-55k depending on competition and demand.    If you haven't crafted it yet, start barking your CD in trade chat.   Have links ready for all the models, and say you'll craft any for a set price.  I'm aiming for 50k myself.  Going to craft one though,, that my DK could use if it doesn't sell, and post it for ~2 weeks then use if it hasn't sold.  This is mostly because I want to get a nice 2H weapon for my alt Blood DK and I need an excuse to use it instead of sell it, I'd highly suggest selling the weapon in trade, you can use the wowhead links above to link them in game.  Are you going to use your CD or sell it, and if you're going to sell it, how much are you aiming for?


Phat Lewts

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  1. Trying to sell these weapons in trade can get pretty frustrating. Usually some guy will make me log my alt, link the mats for him and work out the cost of everything - until finally he reveals he either can't afford any of it or he thinks the price is too high (I went down to 30k).

    So far it's been me educating poor people in the crafting process of expensive equipment and not making a dime. Putting the 2h sword/axe on the AH and simply wait seems like the better option for me. Maybe if my server was high pop more people would bite and I would sell quicker, but right now it seems to not be worth it. Also not really sure if patch 5.3 changes anything in regards to their price.

    Anyway, thanks for a great blog, I found it recently and love the descriptive posts giving specific advice about goldmaking. You have got yourself a new regular visitor. Keep it up :)


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