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Blacksmithing Guide to Lightning Steel Ingot

If you haven't realized already, Phase 4 has opened on the Isle of Thunder, and the mob that drops the pattern for the new Blacksmith daily cooldown Lightning Steel IngotItoka, is now spawning.  This post will summarize all you need to know about it!

Daily Cooldown
Lightning Steel Ingot are made by a cooldown also named Lightning Steel Ingot, which requires 10x Ghost Iron Bar, and has a research aspect.  With the research you can learn a plethora of new patterns, such as the Crafted Dreadful sets and the 522 patterns that require Haunting Spirit from Throne of Thunder.

Crafting with Lightning Steel
Lightning Steel is actually only used in a grand total of 18 patterns.  The first 6 you get when first completing the chain from killing Itoka.  Each of these "Phase 1", ilvl 463 weapons are then used as a reagent in crafting "Phase 2" weapons, epics of ilvl 476.  From there, those Phase 2 items are used as reagents in crafting ilvl 502 (raid finder) weapons, that ha…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 3/27: Multimillionaire Edition

If you read my weekly review from last week you'll know I ended up about 30k shy of 2 million gold, at 1,968,760g.  Well this week I surpassed the 2 million marker and more.  I'm up to a grand total of 2,127,034g!  I am officially a multimillionaire!

I am also up over 150k, so I've made over 20k per day the past week, much better than last week.

I had a posting rut the previous week, but I got out of that this week, and was up to date with all my crafting.  It was really nice to sit back and post after crafting everything I needed the previous week, like sitting on a beach with a cool drink in my hand.  It's been a zen week, but I need to get back into the buying scheme

Sour Deal
I think I've mentioned in previous posts that I've gotten a supplier of GIO, and this week I got an in game mail out of the blue, from a new toon, claiming they were my supplier, saying that their original account got banned (I didn't ask questions), but that the 90 they we…

Reader Request Phriday: New Markets

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Since they were the only one who responded this week, once again our question comes from Leeu, who is currently sitting on 80k, through Ghost Iron Ore shuffling, and flipping.  Leeu asked if there were any other markets that they could break into without leveling more 80+'s.

Jewelcrafting Sub-markets
Since you have what you need to do the shuffle, you may want to look into other profitable Jewelcrafting sub-markets.  My favorite is Wrath Epic Gems, this is a great method to make gold, and is a great submarket.  In addition to what's in the post I linked, you can add Nightmare Tear's to the list, YMMV.

On top of that a hot topic that I keep hearing from both Elvine and Profitz is disenchanting Tin Ore to get the leveling gems for JC to sell raw on the AH (think Moss Agate etc.).  I don't use this method personally, but it comes from two relia…

Phat's Weekly Review 3/21

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This week has been painfully slow for me gold making wise.  My numbers are based on an 8 day week (numbers from yesterday).  My new gold total is 1,968,760g for an 8 day increase of only 62,800g, dismally low considering that I made twice that in only 6 days last week.

So here is the section where I list all my excuses, but honestly, this week's lack of income can be attributed to laziness.  I make about 5k/day selling glyphs, and I only posted them twice this week.  Shame on me.  On top of that I did not play much this weekend due to St. Patrick's Day festivities.  All is good though, I'm on track to hit 2 million by Friday (hopefully)

This week I did manage to prospect and cut 250 stacks of GIO that I had been putting off for a while.  I actually ran out of a few cuts, which is when I knew…

Improving Gold Making Efficiency

If you're like me, you have your gold making machine up and running, and you're churning out lots of items, using TSM as well as you ever will, but your whole operation is getting a bit disorganized.  Every once in a while it's good to take a step back from your operation and checking to see where you can fine tune things.  I of course took the realm maintenance to draft my ideas, and I figured I'd share my battle plans

Bank Alt
I've been putting off dealing with this problem for a while, but I have so many items posted from my bank alt every 2 days that I'm going to have to deal with it.  I'm looking for the most efficient ways to do so, and here's what I've come up with for the time being.  As a note I post items by Item ID, aka ignoring suffixes.

Twink Gear

Have TSM post (at most) 3 of each item (down from 6)After posting, go through extras (by hand and with comparing to suffixes posted) and send off worst stats to Enchanter for DEingKeep all extra …

So that's Competition?

A character who was sending me transmog hate mail, has now committed themselves to being my competitor.  It's been an interesting chain of events, and a story I thought would be worth telling, this is a blog after all.  I hope you enjoy it and consider contributing to the discussion.

Alli Side
First a little background.  I play mainly on the Horde side of my server.  I have a 25 guild and all my crafting characters Horde side, but I wanted to dabble in the Alliance auction house, and have made over 100k there  by flipping items in two markets - Twink and Transmog.

The Letters
So being that I flip transmog, I of course get the occasional hate mail.  My general policy is this: If you take the time and ask me for a deal on the piece of gear, and do it in a polite way, I'll be more than happy to cut you some sort of deal.  On the other hand if you're rude and/or condescending, I just won't respond to the mail.  So the first mail went something like this, I really wish I ke…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 3/12

If you're interested in submitting a topic for this week's Reader Request Phriday, make sure to have it in by Thursday afternoon at the latest! 

I'm doing my weekly review today because I will be unavailable all day tomorrow, but normal Wednesday weekly reviews will resume next week.  In the past 6 days I am up over 133k gold.  That's over 20k a day, which are some nice post-patch numbers, at least on my server!

Glyph Mania
I really wish I could say I owe a lot of this to the patch, and gems/enchants all selling well, but in the past 6 days I've made 35k g in glyphs alone.  Now I'm on a small-mid pop server, and there are a few major players in the glyph market, but none of them showed up this week!  I was able to post lots of glyphs at fallback, and raked in quite a bit of gold because of it.

I've been using my method for Twink gear almost daily now (used to only repost every 48 hrs), and now I'm seeing some nice results every day.  I li…

Reader Request Phaturday: Twink Gear Flipping Guide

Welcome to this week's Reader Request Phriday post (a day late)!  If you're interested in submitting a topic for next Friday's post, click here!

Today's question is from one of my readers, Bones.  Bones is 6 months into gold making, and making around 120k a month, playing on a mid-pop EU Server.  Bones' question is about Cata & MoP twink greens.  Being fresh into the market, they want to know how to best optimize and invest into this market, and how much supply one needs to start making some serious profits.  I've actually been wanting to go in depth into this for a while, I'm going to write a Mini-Guide to Twink Gear Flipping.

I. Objective
The object of the twink markets is to purchase low priced "twink" gear and resell it to levelers at a premium .  The gear in the brackets that we focus on gives the users a high amount of stats for their level bracket, and makes them OP.  Because of this, they are really great sellers, and can make you quite…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 3/6

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Yes it's Wednesday again!  5.2 dropped yesterday, and so far I've enjoyed the patch.  Selling lots of gems and enchants (especially PvP ones), and I have gotten my 2 new PvP patterns for Tailoring.

Earlier today, I was lucky enough to get a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen and take a run through the new solo scenario, and I was pleased with the results.  Definitely need to refine my strategy, but it is a very interesting way to make some bonus gold, and I enjoyed it!  I will definitely be searching for the keys once an established credible source is in Wowhead.  Until then killing rares of course, and treasure hunting!

This week yet again I am up ~100k to 1,772,114g.  I should be hitting my pre-Invincible liquid gold total some time in the coming week, and if I keep up…

5.2 Gold Making Patch Notes

Hey guys!  Below I've copy and pasted all the patch notes for 5.2 that are even semi-relevant to gold making.  Enjoy!  Full patch notes here.

Taking Over The FarmPlayers that have grown attached to working the land at Sunsong Ranch can now acquire the farm from Farmer Yoon via a quest. The farmhouse becomes a rest point like an Inn, where the player can bind and instantly log out. Work orders will pour into the farm from factions across Pandaria, and completing a work order will earn a reputation boost with the issuing faction.The option to take over the farm is available to characters that are exalted with the Tillers and have unlocked all 16 farm plots.Pet BattlesMany new Battle Pets and Battle Pet abilities have been added.A number of new pets can be found on the Isle of Lightning, including rare spawn drops, wild pets, and raid boss drops.ProfessionsArcheologyMantid Archaeology has been added. Players will be able to uncover common and rare Mantid artifacts. Players can purchas…

Phat Farm

This post is for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival on March 11th.  The topic is "What Are You Currently Doing With Your Sunsong Ranch(es)?"

Right now I have 2 characters at 90, and thus 2 farms I can truly optimize.

Farm 1: My Main

My main is a Tailor/Alchemist.  Since these two professions don't really benefit as much from Spirit of Harmony as others, I plant Enigma Seeds, mainly aiming for the Golden Lotus procs, of which I've gotten at a rate of 4.625 per day over the past 40 days.  If I was planting Songbell Seeds, I'd be getting 1.6 Motes a day, which means an extra CD every 2 days, or about 9 Golden Lotus, so really is it worth it?  On my server it was not, which is why I stuck with the Enigmas.  You could do a similar calculation on your farm to see what your best option is!

Farm 2: Rare Seeds ASAP
So I hit 90 on my Death Knight literally 2 days ago.  The day after hitting 90 I was already at Revered with the Tillers!  How did I do this you ask? First of a…

Reader Request Phriday: TSM Setup

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first ever Reader Request Phriday!  This week there were only 2 days to submit questions, but if you're interested in submitting a topic for next week's Reader Request Phriday, click here!!

Today's question comes from a reader, Leeu.  Leeu is currently sitting on 35k from xmog sales, and just getting into professions.  Their question was as follows:

The topic I am most interested in is how you set up your TSM auction groups. I am very uncertain about thresholds and just how low I should go and which method to use to sell. I try to set fixed gold amounts for all of my auction group thresholds and fallback prices. Some things sell amazingly well with this while others not so much. Do you have an individual group for each cut/uncut gem that is sold or are they all lumped into one big category? 

TL;DR: How do you set up your TSM auctioning groups?

Fixed Gold Prices: Gems, Transmog, and Glyphs
For Gems, Transmog, and Glyphs I use fixed …