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Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 2/27

So I've made the official decision to make my Weekly Reviews on Wednesdays from here on, it's just more convenient of a time for me to write about my week.

Reader Phridays
I've decided to start a weekly column based on reader questions, which I will come out with every Friday.  I'm not sure that I'll have enough questions to start it this week, but if you would like to submit a question for this (possibly next) Friday, or just read more about it, check out this page for more info!

Overall Week

This week my gold total raised to 1,668,254g, an increase of about 159,000g.  This is great, I love my earned numbers for this week, but I really was hoping to invest a bit more before 5.2 came along.  On the other hand I have about 350 stacks of Ghost Iron Ore I want to prospect before 5.2 drops so I have plenty of stock on that front.  I spent a lot the previous 2 weeks because I had a supplier who was cutting me a nice deal on ore and herbs, but he seems to have become dis…

Blog Shout Outs

This is for Day 20 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev has a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great posts!  Todays topic:

Lets spread some blog love - which are your 'must read' or 'go to' gold blogs or even other places you go for information & reading matter?

First of all a shout out to Nev from Auction House Addict for creating her own version of the 20 Days of WoW, and inspiring some great gold content, and providing it constantly herself.  This was one of the most enjoyable things I've done on the blog, so thanks to Nev for the great idea!

Gold Blogging Titans
I'm going to keep this section brief, because these are names we all know and love, and I want this post to focus on some up and coming bloggers.  The following two are my favorites to read (after Nev of course), but this list is by no means exhaustive.  Be sure to check out my Blogroll in my sid…

Phat Lewts' Phat Lewts (get it!?) Day 19 of 20

This is for Day 19 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev made a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great posts!  Todays topic:

Have you bought yourself anything really expensive as a reward for earning all that gold? Or do you have a self-present in mind for when you reach your goal?

Black Market Auction House
As mentioned before on my blog, I recently purchased Invincible's Reins off the BMAH for 750,000 gold, which was a pretty decent price IMO.  Since then I've been focusing on making gold and not wasting it!  I have no other immediate plans to purchase a mount or vanity item, but I do check the BMAH daily.  I don't want to dump all my gold, but I have spent about 850-900k gold on the BMAH already.  We'll see what pops up!

My goals right now are really focusing recouping the gold back from that purchase, and then finally hitting the 2 million mark.  From there? 4 millio…

New Goldmaker Advice

This is for Day 18 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev made a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great posts!  Todays topic:

What is the most important bit of advice you could give to a new gold maker? (not a game newbie though, just a newbie gold maker)

Control your Spending
This is probably the easiest concept in gold making, yet so few in WoW have really mastered it.  When players on my server realize how much gold I have, they always ask why I don't buy some cool looking mount or tons of TCG items etc.  I only buy things (generally) that will get me more gold, which is the best way to make gold.  It's just like real life, you invest into profitable things, make good returns, and you gain gold.  Don't waste a ton of gold gemming your LFR gear, when you only have a few thousand.  Focus on a few markets, get into them, and learn them.  The only true way you can master a met…

Making Gold with Battle Pets

This is for Day 17 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev made a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great posts!  Todays topic:

Pets - Did you used to do the Vendor pet sales? How have pet battles changed things for you?

Going into MoP I had some big hopes for battle pets.  With the stats of rare battle pets being higher than regular battle pets, and only a small purchasable amount of them, I figured they'd be shoo-ins for gold making.  That did not turn out to be the case.  As far as making a profit with battle pets, there are some pets I could farm and make decent returns with constantly, but as many know I'm not the farming type.

Current Markets
Believe it or not, I'm still able to sell vendor pets for a decent markup.  Players just generally aren't using Wowhead to find out where they come from, and on my relatively small server, there isn't much competi…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 2/20

This week I got selected for the Second Round of the TradeSkillMaster Theme Contest.  Voting is currently in progress, and when you vote you will be entered to win one of 5 Cinder Kitten Pets!  Be sure to vote for my theme, Billiard...I mean...look at all the entries and vote for the best.  

This week I ended up +55k, not too bad all things considered, but still hovering a bit lower than I want to be, but this is most likely due to not being able to post 3 days this week, and my slacking on posting glyphs.

Transmog/Twink - 5,500g
Ore/Herbs - 60,000g
Misc. Other - 1,250g
Total:  66,750g

I have been spending a lot on herbs and ore lately, but I have a pretty nice pre-crafted set of items now that should tide me over for a while.  I have a supplier, and this weekend when ore prices dropped a bit (1g below average and lots of it) I asked him to cut me even cheaper deal, and he did.  Getting about 120 stacks of Ore or herbs a day, at 50-75% of minimum market price, great for b…

Flipping Items in WoW

This is for Day 16 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev made a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great posts!  Todays topic:

Flipping! Do you flip stuff regularly or sometimes? Big ticket items or smaller high volume stuff?

Transmog & Twinks
Many of my regular readers will know I love flipping in two main markets: Transmog gear and twink gear.  These two have been staples for me since Cataclysm, and I can't even imagine when they weren't in my arsenal.  This is a concept that many newer gold makers don't get though, buy enough cheap gear, and list it all, a few pieces are bound to sell, and if you're selling at proper margins, profits ensue!

My favorite market is the transmog gear though.  In actuality, with the twink gear, both the 77-79 and the 80-84 both make me more gold, but I find the transmog market more interesting.  With twink gear the buyers know their mark…

Day 15 - My Goldmaking Setup

This is for Day 15 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev made a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great posts!  Todays topic:

Professions - do you have all of them, some or none? Which is your favorite for goldmaking?

My Setup
I decided to add a page to my site with My Personal Profession Destribution.  The TL;DR for the max level professions is this: 4 Xmute Alchemists, 3 Scribes, 1 Tailor, 1 Enchanter, 1 JC, 1 Engineer, 1 BS (not at 90 yet), and an Herbalist/Miner.

My Favorite
I'd have to go with Alchemy for this.  The daily transmute is clutch, and the ability (with my miner) to make Ghost Iron Ore into Trillium Bars is great.  Just to me if you have a small amount of time to invest, and don't want to spend a ton of time making gold in WoW, pick up Alchemy.  If you have more time to devote to gold making, pick up JC, and an Enchater as well.  Now you have the deadly combo.  Ta…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 2/13

A day late this week, but close enough.  This week I'll have an 8 day week, next week a 6 day.  My results this week look as follows:

According to TSM I should be up roughly 93k this week, but I'm only up about 34k this week.  This is because I've been buying a ton of GIO from a supplier, which isn't recorded in TSM.

Transmog Whisperer
As a transmog seller I get this question a lot, yet I'm always surprised when people ask it, and like to reply with the following:

People ask if I ever make gold with transmog, as if I love reposting hundreds of items every 48 hours, paying literally hundreds of gold in AH fees in the end just to lose gold.  I wonder if people think before they ask these kinds of questions.  Logic!

On the Alliance side of things, a potential transmog buyer sent me a mail saying that I should sell them an item for about  5% what I had it listed for, because it was only worth that.  Now here's the thing, if you want to say hey I only have x gold an…

Time Devoted to Gold Making

This is for Day 14 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev made a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great posts!

How much of your playtime is devoted to gold making? Do you raid/pvp/pet battle too or is the AH your main playtime?

Gold Time
Gold making is my priority in WoW.  It's what I enjoy most, so I always go through my routine before enjoying other aspects of the game.  I log all of my alts, do their cooldowns, and cancel/repost auctions.  After that I'll log on my main, and do their ritual.  Since my main is my only 90, I only have one Halfhill farm where I can get GL from, so I check the BMAH, maintain my farm at halfhill, and do my tailoring CD while sitting in a queue.  Since my main is a mage, my queues tend to be long, so why not profit while waiting?  Right now it's the holiday queue, but usually I for a dungeon or raid.

PvE Heavy
After sitting in my queue, possibly…

Flipping TCG Mounts

This is for Day 13 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev made a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great stuff!

What was your biggest 'Yay!' moment?

About 6 months ago I was able to buy two TCG mounts off the AH for 75k and 80k.  If my memory serves me correctly (not sure if it does) I first saw them on The Undermine Journal's Great Deals page.  I did some research and the average sell price was 150k, so I made the 155k investment.  If you look, you'll be able to recognize this on the first major drop on my Gold Totals page.  Yikes, 155k in the hole was an uncomfortable feeling.  I listed them for 150k each on a 48 hour auction, no bites.  Ouch.  Not even a single whisper or mail looking for a deal I got worried.  Listed them both again at 150 for a 48 hour auction in the morning.  That night both had sold, and I had 285k in my mailbox!  Up 130k profit from two flips, nee…

Gold Making Mistake

This is for Day 12 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev made a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great stuff!

What was your biggest 'oops' moment?

I've been having a really hard time coming up with my biggest 'oops' moment.  I don't mean to say I never make mistakes or bad calls buying items to resell or investing in something, but it's hard pinning down the worst one.

Battered Hilt Mishap
I'll be the first to admit that the BMAH has been the downfall of many of my gold coins.  As of this point I've spent at least 900k on BMAH items.  I tried to flip 2 patterns in the beginning of MoP before people figured out where the BMAH was, bought both for 20k, sold one for 32k, the other for 9.5k so basically broke even.  In my Weekly Review from 12/28 I came to the realization that I had accidentally purchased a Battered Hilt for 15k to try to sell on my Bloo…

Guest Post: Perfectly Purchased Perfection

Today you're in for a treat, my first guest post on Phat Lewts' Gold Blog!  Hopefully the first of many!  Today's post comes to you from a writer named Profitz.  Profitz has recently set out on a new server with the aim of making 1 million gold, and is chronicling his journey on his blog, Wow's Profitz.  Be sure to check it out for other great posts! Without further ado, "Perfectly Purchased Perfection".

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time reviewing the statistics on The Undermine Journal (TUJ). I'm sure you have it bookmarked already but if you don't, I would book mark this one right now. Not only can you find pretty decent deals (Great Deals) but you can track your own auctions, check undercuts, current market value across all professions, see a break down of what you're selling in categories, what over top-sellers are moving, trending data, and more.

What I found most interesting today is its ability to capture and graphically report…

Nomi, the Panda that Keeps on Giving!

Hey guys, today I'm going to bring you an older gold making tip that I myself just recently decided to (finally) dive into, and highly recommend.  I've really been enjoying the benefits from this one the past week already, and figured I'd pass it on.  Meet Nomi.

What's a Nomi?
Nomi is the Pandarian summoned when you use Cooking School Bell, an item purchased from Nam Ironpaw for 50 Ironpaw Tokens once you've maxed out your cooking, and complete the quest To Be a Master.  Nomi is a Chef in Training, and every day you can exchange raw mats for cooked food with Nomi using the Cooking School Bell to summon him.  Every daily gets you rep with Nomi, and according to this wowhead comment, it takes ~35 days to become Exalted with Nomi.  Now for the good part.  Once you max out the rep you get the following rewards:

You will notice that this last quest gives you 55 Ironpaw Tokens worth of items, Nomi more than paying for himself at this point.  After this though is where the…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 2/5

This has been an interesting week, I've spent a TON of gold prepping for DMF as I had been putting off getting a large supply of herbs, but I was able to get a decent amount of cheap herbs for my purposes, but needed about 50 cards worth between my 3 Scribes.  This is what my incomes and outcomes look like on the Horde side:

As you can see, although I had about 110k worth of income this week, I spent almost 80k.  It's not a bad week, I will make it up with the cards for the next few weeks.

Ghost Iron Resolve
With all the 5.2 buzz going around and talk of people stockpiling, I'm in the skeptic camp to say the very least.  Everyone and their grandma has a stockpile going right now, which means there will not be an overwhelming demand come 5.2 release (weeks from now still).  In fact on my server this week, a player has been attempting (fairly successfully) to reset the Ghost Iron Ore market.

I'm on a small server and when I say small, I mean bots don't bother farming…

Gold Making Addons

This is for Day 11 of Nev's 20 Days.  More posts by other great writers on these topics can be found here.

Most of us use TSM, Auctioneer and/or Auctionator in combo with Postal - are there any other lesser known gold making addons you use?

Base Addons
My "base" addons consist of all the TSM modules and Auctionator.  These are my directly related to the AH addons, and honestly I could live without every addon I use other than TSM.  I use Auctionator occasionally, but I could do everything with TSM and be fine.  Auctionator is just still a little faster on certain things.  I use TSM_Mailing to deal with my mail, so I actually don't use Postal anymore.

Lesser Knowns
I'm just going to make a list of the addons I use and why I use them, they'll be ranked by the order I'd suggest them.

iSold - I think you'll have to enable out of date addons for this one, but this addon makes a ka-ching cash register noise every time you make a sale.  Stay on your glyph post…