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Looking Forward: Patch 5.2 Preview

About a week ago, Blizzard released a preview of Patch 5.2 in the 5.2 PTR Patch notes.  Now these changes as we know may not see it to live, but I always think it's good to look ahead, and in this case it's no different.

First Thoughts
As it is with every raid patch, demand for consumables (jewels, flasks, food, etc.) will increase when 5.2 first is released.  This patch however comes with a questing hub that will slowly unlock new things for each faction as they progress through it.  One of them will give a distinct (gold making) advantage to Blacksmiths:
"As the heroes conquer the Isle, they will unlock the powerful Lightning Forge, which will allow Blacksmiths to forge mighty raid-worthy items, as well as classic weapons from the past."
While this is still in it's infancy stages, this is an interesting concept.  It seems that Blacksmiths will have the ability to create raid and transmog weapons, but most likely will require your BS to be 90 to take advantage of …

Phats' Weekly Lewt Review 12/28

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are having a great and relaxing holiday!  Today as always I'm going to bring you my latest gold making escapades in the past week, in hope of helping you, and/or letting me vent a bit (you'll see below).

Tailoring has been really good for me the past few weeks.  I am still burning my daily CD, and selling both the crafted PvP sets and the Imperial Silk crafted (ilvl 476) gear.  Both at an amazing profit.  I actually can't keep the Imperial Silk crafted gear on the AH long enough to replenish it with my daily cooldown, which is nice!  I'm tending to craft only the gloves now, as both gloves and robes sell for about the same on my server, and gloves take 2 less cooldowns.  If I work up 6 cloths before I sell a pair of gloves though, I will make the robes.  As for the PvP gear, for some simple calculations I figure each PvP piece takes about one stack of Windwool (ie. 4 bolts) on average.  This means that for anywhere from 20-40g I can …

How to be a Great Transmog Salesman Part 2

This is a follow up to my previous 2 posts, How to be a Great Transmog Salesman Part 1, and it's recent Addendum, a shorter way to do it.  Now that we've gone through the various ways of purchasing these items, I'm going to go through some methods that I use to sell the items.

Handy Dandy Transmog Seller
I highly suggest for anyone who is going to get serious about transmog to make a level 1 bank mule solely for transmog.  This way your bags are free of any other potential clutter.  My character also has a guild bank for himself to store anything I have more than 3 of.  He has all 26 slot bags (28 aren't worth it yet).  With the backpack that's 120 slots.  150 would of course be preferable because mail comes in 50's, but not an option  right now.

I also find that attempting to be as anonymous as possible is the way to go with this as well.  If guildies find out you're the guy selling all the xmog gear they want, they're going to want you to cut them a d…

Addendum to How to be a Great Transmog Salesman Part 1

If you read my post yesterday and liked it, a reader, lasagna left a note in the comments, and pointed out that there's an even FASTER way to do this search, which takes little (or almost no) time.  It involves using a dealfinding search with up to date scan data so that it only scans items that are actually on the AH, below a defined price, and takes just seconds to do!

Since you need recent scan data, there are two ways to go about it.  The fist is using the Tradeskillmaster App, which will download your data about once per hour (it's an external application to WoW), and you can get that data into WoW with a /reload.  What the dealfinding list is going to do, using this strategy, that a normal shopping list won't, is it will only check for things that were cheaper than your threshold at the last full scan.  Using this TSM App, downloadable straight from the TSM website at this link, you will be able to constantly update your data without ever doing a scan in game…

How to Be a Great Transmog Salesman Part 1

**In the comments in this post, lasagna pointed out that there's a faster method to doing this search. I outlined this method here.  You can still use this shopping list, but the other method utilizes dealfinding lists for quicker searches.**

This is intended as a simple guide to purchase transmog gear in the most efficient way possible.  If you're not familiar with Transmog or TSM, learn how to use the addon package TradeSkillMaster before reading this guide, it's necessary, trust me.  Check out Faid's Instructional TradeSkillMaster videos here.

1. Addons To be a great xmog seller you really only need 2 addons (although TSM is a package of addons): Tradeskillmaster: I use this to buy, post, and empty my mail (as well as keep track of sales).  In particular you'll only need the Auctioning, Mailing, and Shopping packages, but all are recommended. 
Mogit: Great addon that adds hover over previews to armor items.  You'll have to check off "Load out of date addo…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review: 12/18

Those of you that have been regular readers of my blog for a while know that I used to regularly come out with a "weekly review" going over what worked for me and didn't work for me in the past week in WoW.  I haven't come out with one in a while since MoP launch, but I think that now is a good time in the expansion to look at weekly trends.

Living Steel
Living Steel has still been strong for me.  I get weird peaks and valleys of selling it, it seems that when it does sell, it sells somewhere in the 8-12 range at a time, which is nice.  Again being on a small server, I'm sure most other servers have a steady in and out stream of Living Steel, but it's just not the case for me.

My level 1 transmog seller (pictured here) has been very busy as of late!  This week I tried a new strategy with transmog, which I'm liking quite a bit and I'm going to address in it's very own post.  What I've been doing is searching for items 600 at a time.  Ye…

Dispelling the Enigma Surrounding Enigma Seeds

After 5.1 nerfing the exchange of Spirit of Harmony to Golden Lotus, many people were up in the air about what seed to plant at their Tiller's farm, and you may have recently read that Enigma Seeds (which produce herbs) got a stealth-buff, possibly the better alternative for providing Golden Lotus.

My Findings
I have been planting Enigma Seeds over the past 10 days or so, and every day so far I have gotten 4-6 Golden Lotus each day.   On top of that, the other plots that aren't Lotuses are other herbs that I send off to my Scribe to mill into pigments.  Below is a screenshot of my normal yield:

So not only do you get the 4-6 Golden Lotus, you get other herbs on top of that.  When you plant Songbell Seeds on the other hand, you get 1.6 Spirits which turns into 3.2 Golden Lotus.  So 4 Golden Lotus alone and you'd be better off.  Add to that the other herbs and you're much better planting other seeds.  On some servers vegetables may be the way to go, but the price per Gold…

The Return of Realistic Returns

Many times, as gold makers, we get dismayed if we can't make some major returns on our investments.  I know I always try to focus on the highest return activities, well letting others fall by the wayside.   Flipping things for twice what they cost is almost ingrained in our brains.  While this of course is the easiest and fastest way of getting gold, there's no point missing out on other opportunities available.  Diversify!

Quite like real life, the more you invest in profitable things, the more money you're going to have in the long run.  Say (hypothetically) you are able to make a 10% return per day by using some profession, selling everything you post daily and using the new amount as investment capitol.  By the end of the week, you would have (roughly) doubled the money you initially invested.  Now there are of course better investments than this to be made in WoW, but know that  every investment counts, small investments that sell constantly are just as go…