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Your Guide to Spirit of Harmony

***If you're here looking for a guide on farming Motes of Harmony, check out this post!!***

Spirit of Harmony
(via Wowhead)

Remember all the way back in Cataclysm when crafted items were made with Volatile Air, Fire, Water, Life, and Earth? It seems like just yesterday that multiple elementals were the norm, but Blizzard decided to scrap this system for a simpler one.  Spirit of Harmony, which are essential to about every major crafting profession, are the only elementals in MoP (for now at least).  They can be created by combining 10 Motes of Harmony which are random world drops from 85-90.

The bad news for your low level crafters though is that they are BoP, so any alts not yet in Pandaria will not be able to benefit from them.  

Which Profession Benefits most from Spirit of Harmony?
This is an debatable question, but here's the breakdown (number 1 are the ones that cannot truly benefit, then the rest of the professions follow in alphabetic order).
*Right now on wowhead, the only way I can see to sort what can be crafted using this item by each profession is to go to this link and type in the profession name.

  1. Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, Enchanting
    • Relatively no benefit.  These professions can use the Spirits to trade for these raw mats, which is not terrible, but any profession could do this.  
  2. Alchemy
    • Using 3 Spirits of Harmony, an Alchemist can get an extra transmute CD for the day Riddle of Steel.  (this is the Truegold of Pandaria)
  3. Blacksmithing
    • Most notably requires 8 Spirits of Harmony to craft ilvl 476 epic gloves + chest (first level of craftable epics).
      • To craft ilvl 496 items it requres 2-3 Spirits of Harmony as well as 8 Blood Spirit, an item gained from disenchanting raid armor (not available first week).
  4. Engineering
    • Staying true to Engineering's roots, it is used in recipes that create cool things (mounts, daily CD robot, etc) for the owner, as well as scopes, a gun, a pet, and a Pandarian Wormhole Generator!
  5. Inscription
    • The new Darkmoon Cards require 10 Spirits of Harmony or a weekly quest reward to craft more than one per day! This will lead to more scribes trading cards to get full decks rather than grinding a ton until they get a full deck.
    • Cool Addition: Scribes can now craft any of 3 new staves that are Bind on Account, requiring 20 daily cooldowns.
      • The 4 Inscription weeklies to get the CDs faster: avoiding the daily cooldown by doing weekly crafts, requiring 4-6 Spirits of Harmony per.
  6. Jewelcrafting
    • Not Needed for the cool new mounts!
    • Two new vanity pets require 3 Spirits of Harmony each.
    • If you didn't know already, JC now requires a daily CD to discover new cuts (you pick which color you want to discover).  You can do more the one per day using 3 Spirits of Harmony.
  7. Leatherworking
    • Similar to Blacksmithing.  Again click here and search Leatherworking to see all the recipes, again gloves and chest
  8. Tailoring
    • With 3 Spirits of Harmony, Tailors can avoid their Daily Cooldown, to craft epic items faster.
      • The epics require 4-6 of the daily CDs to create, again more for the 'upgraded' ilvl gear.

Farm Your Motes!
Like I said above, the Spirit of Harmony are created by combining 10 Mote of Harmony. If you get to revered with a new faction in Pandaria, The Tillers, you will be able to get over 1 full Spirit worth a day by "cultivating a farm".  If you're interested in learning more about this, check out wowhead's Tillers Guide, it's a very comprehensive preview of what you can expect. Basically once you get revered you can obtain Songbell Seeds and cultivate them (only taking a few minutes every day) and not have to grind out Motes from random mobs in Pandaria.  This should certainly speed up the process for any of you looking to get your hand on Spirits of Harmony ASAP.  

Which profession are you leveling first, and which one do you think has the coolest use for Spirits of Harmony?


Phat Lewts

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  1. Im going to level my main with Scribe and Tailoring for raiding first. Also, as i find some decent sales, my JC/Alch. But i beleive ill lvl my Gatherer for a week or so first.. just because ill be getting some free ores and herbs along the way to ease the process a bit.

    1. A smart idea, farming your own mats may save you that premium on the leveling of professions, making the initial capital investment a time thing rather than a gold thing.

      I'm planning on doing the lazy man's way, waiting until later in the day to buy mats after all the Server Firsters get their Achievements and whatnot, not paying the premium :-P.

  2. Hey Phat
    (Can I call you Phat?)
    Enjoying your recent posts but FYI they are very hard to read on an Android phone - black font on dark blue background.
    Good stuff though - appreciate ya.

    1. Yes you may call me Phat! I was playing with the layout about a week ago, and it must have changed the defaults for the mobile as well (may have been bad before that though). I just updated it to have the same white background as the blog page, so it should be easier to read.

      Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

  3. Mote drop from fishing crates.
    Seem to be about the same rate as killing mobs.


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