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Rare Battle Pets Mean Lots of Gold!

It seems Cold beat me to posting a list, but I'm going to post the list I've been working on along with the gold making tips here, but definitely check out his list as well.

So we have come to that juncture in time.  What to do with rare pets?  Well luckily for you I'm just crazy enough to put together a list, organized by means of obtaining, of all the current pets that are going to be made into Rare Battle pets.  That list can be found here. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this. It's important.

You may be thinking "Why put together a list of the BoP and BoE pets?  We gold makers only care about the BoEs!".  Well you should care about the BoP pets as well because even though  "All promotional, CE, Blizzard Pet Store, TCG and quest pets are currently not tradeable", rare spawns will be, as seen in my table (as well as Achievement and DMF pets). Also note that Catchable pets will be non-tradeable (this post more recent than quoted post, …

MoP in 2 Months!

So it's officially official that MoP will be released in 2 MONTHS.

I must say I am VERY surprised it is coming out so soon, but for gold making, there couldn't be better news!  When news of Mists coming out so very soon hits the public, people will be flocking back to the game to level alts and prepare their characters for the new expansion, so look forward to increased population on all servers in the upcoming 2 months leading up to MoP.  I'm going to go over some things I'll be looking out for in the coming month.

Cata Twink Gear
The 77-80 market is not going to be replaced by anything in MoP.  There will most likely be a substantial decrease in the amount of this gear available to buy and resell, but I wouldn't worry about dumping it all the moment you log on today.  It's still a viable market come MoP, levelers will always want to buy gear, no matter how much the gold making community and advice givers in general advise against it.

Now on the other hand, if…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 7/24

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So this week has been a busy one for me.  The most I have been able to repost per day is 3 times, so I've been undercut a bit, but I noticed no real slowing of sales.  I made about 70,000 gold this week, so around 10k/day, just shy of my goal of a grand total of 1.5 million (which I will hopefully hit tonight).  If you are curious to see my gold totals check out the page on my blog, [My Current Gold Total], the link will always be at the top of the page and I try to update it every Tuesday.

Stance on Pets
Today I read the post on about the changes to wild pets.  If you are interested it the Blue Post is at this link. Basically they're making it so that pets you catch in the wild can no longer be caged and sold on the Auction House.  Now while this doesn't effect my stockpile, it's got me thinking for sure.  I was planning on dumping a lot of my pets I had stockpiled, because all doubles of pets that …

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 7/17

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So I'm back doing the weekly review posts, to kind of summarize my week in WoW gold making, and give you some insight into what I'm doing currently to make gold.

Return of my Routine
This week I got out of my gold making rut I was in from the Stormspire Scavenger Hunt.  It was a fun competition and I learned a lot of how hard it actually is to start gold making on a server, especially with time constraints, and competing against like minded players!  With the return of my full effort this week I made 90,479g in profit.  Not too shabby considering that in the past few weeks I've made about 100k total, so this week (barring some expensive stockpiling) has been my profitable over the past 2 months by a LONG shot.

So this week I got back into my routine, which I don't think I've ever really detailed, and I've even gotten into...glyphs.  Yes, my least favorite crafting profession, but I've indeed been d…

I Tailor Made This Post for Tailors

This is it.  Want to make gold with tailoring?  Try these!

Cooldown: Dreamcloth
Tailoring is a unique profession, even vs. BS/LW, because Tailoring has a unique set of cooldowns (that are usually removed by the next expansion).  The current tailoring cooldowns are for Dreamcloth.  One cooldown for Dreamcloth, Dream of Chaos recently had it's cooldown removed.  This one requires 8 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth (Equivalent to 2 stacks of Embersilk Cloth) and 4 Chaos Orbs.  The other cooldowns you can only cast once per week, and require 30 Volatiles (Air, Fire, Life, etc.).  The test here is, if you can get the Volatiles for cheaper than 4 Chaos Orbs, then do that cooldown.  If you can't (Volatile Air *cough cough*) then don't burn that cooldown.

Now for profitable uses of the Dreamcloth! other than acquiring the new Dragon Soul patterns, Dreamcloth can be used to craft Powerful Ghostly Spellthread and Powerful Enchanted Spellthread.  These are BiS leg enchants for most casting c…

Keep Your Friends Close, and your Enemies Closer!

Hey everyone,

Short post today but I was talking to a guildmate of mine who has major competition on our server, and I recently found out that he doesn't have his competition on his friends list.  Although I'm sure a lot of the more advanced gold makers who read this have already done this, it can be of great benefit to you to know when your competition logs out (especially if it's a level 1 toon he does his posting on)

What to do?
So let's say you're in the glyph market.  You realize one day that all of your auctions have been undercut since the last time you were on by a toon named Glyphman.  Friend him!  Now you'll know his logging patterns.  Don't worry when he logs on, it's not your job to undercut him the second he posts, but once he logs OUT, then it's go time.  This isn't to say don't post because he's playing, but if you know he'll undercut you within 5 minutes, why bother?

Go the Extra Mile
Check him out on your server's…

JC and Mining, Making Wrath Gold!

Hey guys,

I originally wrote a post about something similar over a year ago, but I recently got back into doing this when I have had some free time in game, and it's a great way to amass a good amount of gold if you have Mining + JC or just JC even.

Dalaran JC Dailies
If you don't have a lot of epic and rare WotLK cuts, start doing the Dalaran Jewelcrafting dailies on your Jewelcrafter.  The quest is given by Timothy Jones in Dalaran and gets you tokens for epic and rare cuts (also it does not interfere with your regular JC daily).  Sidenote: Resilience is a great seller to these markets.

Obtaining Epic Gems
Now that you have some epic and rare cuts, you're going to want to obtain epic Wrath Gems.  This market is huge and viable for both 70 and 80 twinks, and they sell great.  Also, the cut rare gems sell well, and are byproducts of my method.  There are two profitable ways of obtaining the epic gems.  One way is to buy them for 220 Justice Points from any of these three ve…