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Lull Gold Making

Before I get to the actual post I'd just like to take a moment to mention that a great blogger in the gold making community, Nev (aka Helen), author of Auction House Addict, has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She is cutting off her hair to donate, and raising money for charity while doing so.  So, I just ask you to read her recent post on her experiences, and consider donating.
This is a post for Cold's Gold Making Carnival which comes out July 11, 2012.

This month Cold asks:
"What Do You Recommend Players Do During The Current WoW Lull To Benefit Gold Making In The Future?"

1. Stockpile for MoP
I recently did a post on this one, if you're interested it can be found at this link.

For a TL;DR Version, here's my short list:

Argent Tourney Pets (and other rare pets if I see them on the AH)Elementium GeodeSwift Lovebird (already started selling these off at profit)Mogging WandsDon Gonzales' Shiny Shield You can also stockpile some profession mats, …

OOC For a few Weeks

Hey guys,

Just wanted to put a post on the top of my site that I'm not going to be updating the blog for at least the next week, maybe a bit more.  I will be moving soon, and as fate would have it, my laptop has broken down as well, and I am in the process of replacing it.  That being said I'm going to have other time commitments for a while, but hopefully I can get back to a normal blogging schedule some time around the next few weeks.

If you're looking for some good gold making tips check out my past posts, most are still relevant.  Also read up on the blogs on my blogroll, they're really great blogs I hand picked for their amazing content.

Also, I'd just like to thank all my readers for their support and comments over the past few months.  I really appreciate it, and there will be more great content to come!


Phat Lewts

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Black Market AH PvP

A lot of times gold bloggers like to refer to gold making as "Auction House PvP", but in this case, it's literal. From this article on PvP in Mists on

"It’s also worth noting that the Black Market Auction House has the potential to become a world PvP location for those on PvP realms. Just like the name implies, these are goods being sold out in shady locations away from the prying eyes of guards in the cities. They are not in neutral or safe zones. For PvE realms, it’s not going to have that same risk for placing a bid as on a PvP realm (aside from being outbid)."

So if you're on a PvP realm, there can (and probably will) be a great amount of PvP going on at the Black Market AH.  Not only do you need to make sure you bid at the right time and price, you have to make sure you're alive to make the bid!  For me this is okay, as I am already into PvP (as well as PvE) on my posting toon, an 85 Frost Mage, but if a guild on the opposite faction de…