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Auctionating Mogging Shields

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Don Gonzales' Shiny Shield (BoE lvl 80 Cata drop)
Northern Barrier (Uld 25 BoE)

Hey guys,

I created another mogging list that has been off the radar for some - Shields.  I've had quite a good return selling shields on both My main (low/med pop) server and Lightbringer (high pop).  What I was doing is going through all the shields for sale by hand and buying them.  This worked great on my low/med pop server, but on higher pop servers there are lots of crafteds, and low level shields that look very bland, and up to 3 pages of 50 shields a pop to look at.  So I decided to make an Auctionator list to simplify my searches.

Emerald Shield (Random Drop BoE)

How I made my list
I went to wowhead and filtered shields by the following:

  1. BoE
  2. Not crafted by a profession

This left 183 shields, that I arduously went through models of one by one, to pick out a list of 50, and here it is, hope you enjoy it!  Use this list with Auctionator and Mogit for maximal results!  (Check out my last post for the link to Jim's video on importing Auctionator lists).

***Shield Moggs
Blackskull Shield
Northern Barrier
Skullflame Shield
The Green Tower
Aegis of Stormwind
Crystal Pulse Shield
Don Gonzales' Shiny Shield
Garrett Family Crest
Mountainside Buckler
Redbeard Crest
Shield of Thorsen
Shield of the Wayward Footman
Troll Protector
Black Husk Shield
Blackforge Buckler
Bloodforged Shield
Bloodlust Buckler
Bloodspattered Shield
Chief Brigadier Shield
Emerald Shield
Emperor Shield
Fel-Iron Shield
Field Plate Shield
Glorious Shield
Headhunter's Buckler
High Chief's Shield
Hulking Shield
Hyperion Shield
Ironhide Shield
Jazeraint Shield
Kaskala Buckler
Khan's Buckler
Knight's Crest
Lofty Shield
Lord's Crest
Ornate Shield
Outland Shield
Overlord's Shield
Revenant Deflector
Saltstone Shield
Slayer's Shield
Spiked Targe
Spoke Shield
Steadfast Buckler
Symbolic Crest
Tyrant's Shield
Warbringer's Shield
Warstrike Buckler

Hyperion Shield (World Drop)

High Chief's Shield (World Drop)

This list includes what I think are the best 50 BoE shields that aren't crafted.  Import this list to Auctionator, then use the mogit addon to mouse over the ones that come up to see if the price is within your range!  Hope this list becomes a great addition to your mogging arsenal!  


Phat Lewts


  1. +100 internets for you! I'm loving these lists. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. My top three selling sheilds (sometimes the only sheilds that even move in a week) are the spellbreaker sheild and its two lookalikes screaming and bayeaux. Blood Knight themed characters of course.

    1. The way I made this list I ended up with 55 shields but auctionator has a max list size of 50, so I had to cut a few, and I personally have had little success selling that model, although it is very unique, and probably a great seller depending on the server. In the same token, some of the ones on my list are most likely lousy sellers on other servers. Def something to hunt for!

      Optional: cut Northern Barrier from the list and add those 3 since Northern Barrier is super rare. Not a bad tradeoff!

    2. I'd probably cut some of the rarer models from that list and use it as a general shield buying list. For my Auctionator transmog lists, I have a "snatch" list (big ticket items, like Glorious (plate) and Robes of Insight), then "lesser" lists (such as Tier 1, 2, 3 for each armor class.. I set up my own tiering based loosely off Keelhaul's lists). I always scan my "snatch" list(s) first before checking out my other shopping lists.

  3. Would be nice to see this as a TSM shopping list.


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