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My TSM_Crafting Enchanting Setup

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In my last post, Handera asked how I set up my TSM_Crafting module to make enchanting scrolls, so this is just going to be a short post in response to his question.  He said that he uses it for glyphs, so this post is going to assume a general knowledge of TSM_Crafting, but not the specific enchanting parts.

What I do for this, is I override minimum profit, in both gold and %profit so that I only make crafts worth my time.  This is how you do that:

Setting up TradeSkillMaster_Crafting For Enchanting

Step 1: Type /tsm and click on the Enchanting module

Step 2: Go to Options, and check the box "Override Minimum Profit"
Step 3: I use both Percent and Gold Amount.  My Minimum Profit (in %) is set to 50% and my Minimum Profit (in gold) I set to 150g.  This ensures I'm making a good return on my investment AND each scroll is (theoretically) making at least 150g, at current market prices.  

So that's basically how …

Weekly Review 2/27/2012

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I decided that I am going to start doing "a week in review" posts to give readers insight into what I am personally doing.  I will be discussing no methods here, but if you'd like me to further expand on what I write, feel free to ask in the comments.

Highest Seller
This week I sold an item for 10k gold (9500 after AH tax).  One search that I like to do every so often is one for "Plans", one for "Recipe" and another for "Pattern".  Doing this search 3 weeks ago I found Plans: Felsteel Longblade on the AH for 3200g.  After much deliberation I bought it, and then held onto it for about a week trying to decide if I would flip it or craft the blades for transmog.  I decided to flip it for 10k, which isn't THAT great of a profit margin, I made 6300g from one transaction.  My highest resale profit to date.  Not all resales have to be mogging!

Constant Sellers
Gems of course are alwa…

Expanding on the Cataclysm Twink Market

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A while back I posted a few twinking searches for level 77 twinks.  The idea here is that at level 77 you can get your hands on some ridiculously OP Cataclysm BoEs and melt faces in BGs till you ding 80 and move up to the 80-84 bracket.  Since many mains will have hit the point in the expansion where they "can't get better", we may see an influx of alts coming in that will buy this stuff up like candy.

Today I'm going to expand on my original list, and suggest some pricing points which I believe will work on almost any server.  I have done this across 3 servers ranging from Low-High Population, so this has a lot of potential for any server.  That being said, this method is really dependent on the prices that this gear is already going for on your server.  So here is the Auctionator list that I use for looking for Cata Twink Gear:

***Cata Twink Gear

Auctionating Mogging Shields

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Hey guys,

I created another mogging list that has been off the radar for some - Shields.  I've had quite a good return selling shields on both My main (low/med pop) server and Lightbringer (high pop).  What I was doing is going through all the shields for sale by hand and buying them.  This worked great on my low/med pop server, but on higher pop servers there are lots of crafteds, and low level shields that look very bland, and up to 3 pages of 50 shields a pop to look at.  So I decided to make an Auctionator list to simplify my searches.

How I made my list
I went to wowhead and filtered shields by the following:

BoENot crafted by a profession

This left 183 shields, that I arduously went through models of one by one, to pick out a list of 50, and here it is, hope you enjoy it!  Use this list with Auctionator and Mogit for maximal results!  (Check out my last post for the link to Jim's video o…

Rare Chest Mogging Lists

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Let me preface this a bit.  When I was on my alt in <Power Word Guild> on Lightbringer [A], I was mousing through the cloth chests when I stumbled upon Black Velvet Robes:

They were for sale for a measly 10 gold.  Since they were Rare BoE's, they were on no current mogging lists on Power Word: Gold (which are the ones that I use for greens) or elsewhere.  In less than 48 hours I flipped these robes for 2500g.  Forget the price right now, but this made me realize that there should be some buyout lists for Rare Chests in Auctionator, maybe even shoulders and pants, but that's for another day.  My list is comprised of BoE Rare chests.

How I Made my Lists
Basically I moused through wowhead, and searched through rare chests with 2 filters: BoE and not made by a profession.  From that pool I clicked through through and chose the good looking ones, and ones that could possibly compete with my common mogging list ite…