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Tailors: Icy Cloak Recipe!

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Disclaimer: This gold making method is NOT for the feint of heart.

UPDATE:  I've managed to sell this cloak Horde side for over 3k gold!

Requirements: Tailor and Alchemist (Only needs to be @ skill 200 which requires level 20)
Suggested: Tailor, Alchemist, and Herbalist

This is what the Cloak in question looks like:

For transmog, this cloak is not unique, in fact there are many other places to get it, but the one thing in your favor is that this is the only way that produces a BoE version of the cloak, AND this recipe is not available to the Alliance at all.  (Also, Priests love this cloak and it's cheap to make)
Step 1: Getting your Recipes Pattern: Icy Cloak is sold by a vendor only friendly to Horde players, Ghok'kah.  This and the other recipe are Limited Supply so they may not be there right away, and may require some camping to obtain!
**If you are going to transfer this to the Alliance and you have an Alliance tailor/alchemist now w…

Give Your Competitors the Rod!!

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One of my favorite methods of making gold is reselling vendor items.  This post isn't about what vendor items you should sell, you probably have heard of all of these.  It's of a brand new way of acquiring these patterns in Cataclysm that most people haven't yet realized.

Captain Samir Captain Samir has many patterns in his inventory that were once "Limited Supply" items pre-Cata.  He is found in Kelp'thar Forest, and is really easy to get to if you have done a bit of questing in Vashj'ir.  He has patterns that some completionists may be hunting for but the big scores are Plans: Adamantite Rod and Plans: Eternium Rod.  These are the only two blacksmithing rods that blacksmiths can't make without the plans, and they were previously bought in limited supply.  Now you can stock up and fill your bank with these for future postings!  I suggest posting 1-2 at a time, so people don't go googling the…

Phat Glyphs Part 2

In my post about 10 days ago, Phat Glyphs?, I went over my not so smooth entrance into the glyph market.  Today's post is going to be based off of that original post, so I suggest reading it as a preface if you haven't already.

Trying to get into the glyph market was a new and daunting task.  I had TSM all set up, but it takes time and coordination to get everything crafted.  I started off posting from a level 1 posting alt, BIG MISTAKE.  I know some like it, but it's not for me.  I don't have a LW and there were no inscription bags on the AH so instead of trying to get someone to craft them for me I just got 20 slot bags.  My personal opinion is that if you're going to post glyphs, you should get scribe bags.  There are 2 ideal scribe bags, a 32 slot, and a 36 slot.  So I decided to post all my glyphs from my scribe alt who wasn't my main posting toon.  This worked a lot better for me.

I now had the option to craft glyphs as I saw fit, and do all m…

TSM Lists

Just a quick tip, but a valuable one.  Today if you do nothing else, go through your TSM posting lists, and see if there's something that you haven't been posting in a while that's a big money maker.  Whether it's a vendor item you buy or maybe the rods for enchanters that you haven't made on your blacksmith in who knows how long, get those items back on the shelf!  The more diversification you have, the more likely you are each time you batch post to make extra sales.  Don't forget to dust off your old favorites for that extra gold making punch!!


Phat Lewts


As featured in Kuja's Gold Mine

In my recent post, Flipping Twink Gear, I advocated the use of the addon Auctionator to search for level 77 Twink gear to flip on the AH.  This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the usefulness of this addon goes.  Used correctly, Auctionator can easily do things that no other addon can!

Searching for Craft Items
As a WoW player you probably have a crafter that has needed to gather materials to craft an item.  Auctionator includes a functionality that lets you search for the items needed to craft a certain item, as well as the item itself, to compare the costs of crafting and easily buy.  How to do this is listed below.

While having the Auction house window open, find the item you're interested in crafting in your profession window.  For me it's Icy Prism.  In the craft window click the [AH] button.

This will bring up a window that looks like this, searching for all the individual mats of Icy Prism:

*Note: For those of you who don't…

Gold Project

I decided recently that I would start a gold making "project".  I started a character on a high population server, and I am going to see how much time /played it takes me to get to get to 500k gold.  Details are below.

The Plan Start a DK on a high population server that I have NO ALTS on, pick up and level mining and herbalism to get a pile of gold going, then drop them for JC/Alchemy and start raking in the gold to 500K.  Track /played and see how long it takes.
Evaluation As of this post my Death Knight has 4051g 63s 64c and /played is 3 days, 4 hours, 45 minutes.  My DK is also level 82 with 525 mining/herbalism.  I could have had more gold by now but my favorite thing to do in Cataclysm is do the 77-79 PvP bracket with Twink Gear.  Great way to make money also  means a great way to lose money on the opposite end.  
Short Term Goal 10k Gold, of which I will spend on materials necessary to grind JC and Alchemy to 525, and have at least  2K left over.  
Long Term Goal 500k gol…

New Gold Makers

I have been reading a lot of gold blogs recently and there always seem to be quite a few comments on articles saying "I don't know how you make that much gold."  What you need to know is it takes money to make money.  You cant just go farm some Elementium Ore and be gold capped by the next time you log in.  It takes time and patience, and like I said a base of gold.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us
What you say?  That's right, you need a base of WoW gold to start making some serious scrap.  This shouldn't come as a surprise.  My favorite way of making gold quick without a base of gold is farming.  I find farming to be relaxing sometimes, maybe you're a quester who does dailies, or likes to run instances.  However get your base make sure you have enough for the next leg of your journey.

Picking the Right Professions
Inscription is not for everybody (especially not me).  Leatherworking may not be your thing.  Pick professions that make you gold, but pick professio…

Phat Glyphs?

So earlier this week I got into glyph making.  This is the first time ever crafting glyphs using TSM, and even with it getting my mass pile of glyphs was agonizingly slow.  My scribe isn't the most talented or versed in glyphs.  In fact I picked up Inscription post Cataclysm and don't have a single glyph from Book of Glyph Mastery.  All he has been doing in Cata is making fortune cards and using the excess inferno inks to make darkmoon trinkets.  That has been going great, barking up the cards, crafting some into Fortune Cookies, making a killing.  But glyphs are foreign to me and after my JC's tapped out the ore market, I decided to give it a try.

After milling all the pigments (I just used whiptail and converted the inks) and crafting all the inks and gathering all the parchment it took me at least 4-5 hours to craft my base set of glyphs.  I started out crafting 3 of each but changed it to 2 when I realized I didn't mill near enough herbs.  As you know if yo…

Crushing the Competition with OreCrusher 2

If you are a major gold making Jewelcrafter odds are you've probably heard of the OreCrusher 2 Addon.  If you don't use it I highly suggest downloading it and trying it out.  OreCrusher 2 just got a SERIOUS facelift that made it infinitely more useful!

The Basics
OreCrusher 2 (OC for short) is an in game spread sheet that calculates how much profit you can make if you maximize your prospecting potential.  It pulls values from Auctionator, Auctioneer, or TSM and calculates the maximum profit (on average) that you can make from prospecting each major type of ore.  A screenshot example for Elementium Ore is below(type /oc  in game to bring up this window).

**Make sure you do a recent scan of the AH with Auctionator, Auctioneer, or TSM before doing this**

Now, they may look like Wrath gems, but the prices are in reference to Cata commons and rares.  The quantity is from Elementium Ore average prospecting rates, as I chose it for this example.  Not only does this addon tell you that…

Busy Tuesdays

Aaaaah Tuesdays.  Another chance to cap out on Valor and Conquest Points.  Another chance to run raids and get more gear.  Another chance to make Tons of WoW gold!!

Tuesday is the first day of the WoW week, and it's when there is a spike in demand for all the goods that are crafted by major gold makers.  If you're like me, you also are in the rush of people trying to cap out on Valor or Conquest and are doing Raid Finder to finish your tier and get 384.  What to do to make a profitable Tuesday?  I'm going to share my ideas on the topic.

Craft in Advance
If you usually have two stacks of Greater Cosmic Essence to post from your posting toon on any given (regular) day, make it three.  If you anticipate selling 25 Brilliant Inferno Rubies, craft 35.  Be ready for any fluctuations.  You want to play your "main", and you should!  If you prepare ahead so you don't have to jump alts to craft things because you won't run out!

Make your "Main" Your Post…

Profession Pricing

Recently in a WoW gold blog that I read, marketsforgold, croda has touched upon his theories behind how to evaluate your gold flows.  I really suggest reading what he writes, it's very interesting.  I find this topic really intriguing so I figured I'd put my 2 cents in.  For most of this post I'm going to use a base example, I've chosen Inferno Rubies because they're a gold making favorite of mine.

So how much is your Inferno Ruby worth?  Let's say you can buy uncut Inferno Rubies on the AH for 150g each, and can sell the major cuts for 195g.  This means that the act of cutting the gem is worth 45g to you (ignoring AH fees).  Let's take it a step farther.  You decide to buy 100 stacks of Elementium Ore for a reasonable price and prospect it.  Luckily you also have a Transmute Master alchemist who can transmute your extra Carnelians with a few Heartblossom to more gold making Inferno Rubies.  Doing the calculations, you estimate that it's costing…

Flipping Twink Gear

Hey guys, today I decided to write about one of my favorite methods of making WoW gold.  It requires minimal work, no grinding professions, and maybe about 1,000-2,000 gold to start.  The method is flipping twink gear, and I'm going to tell you about how I do it and the addons/methods I use.

For those of you who haven't leveled an alt in the 75-79 PvP bracket recently probably don't know that in Cataclysm a whole new level of twink was invented.  At level 77 Cataclysm greens become available to players.  Cata Greens allow players to have roughly 2-3 times the stats they would otherwise have with items from Wrath.  This is the gear that I specifically target.  This gear is random world drops so you're not going to go out and farm it, you're going to Auction House farm it, and that's the beauty of this method.  Most people get a hold of this gear, and throw it on the auction house for a few gold thinking it's worthless, but a good goblin will see the value in…

Half a Million (How to Level Alts)

FINALLY!  I finally hit half a million gold.  It wasn't because I couldn't have earned it before now, but I'm a chronic spender!  Every time one of my alts dinged 85 (and I now have 6) I had to get them the latest gear (even though I now regularly play 2).  Repair mounts?  "Had" to have them!  Dalaran Rings, etc.

Did I put a lot of gold into my alts?  Yes.  Did they end up paying for themselves?  ...mostly.  Either way, today I'm going to focus on my theory of leveling alts.

How to Make Gold Using Alts.
This is my key method to making tons of gold leveling alts.  Some may disagree, some may have suggestions to tweak or better use my general method, but this is what I do, and I will provide an argument for why, and how to better it.

Farm.  Yup I said it, Farm.  Get Herbalism and Mining on your alt from the first profession NPCs that you see, and get out there and farm (don't forget a Mining Pick).

Yes, I know, farming at max level isn't the most effectiv…

PvP Time!!

A new PvP season is upon us Tuesday, and if you thought that the launch of 4.3 was great for sales, Tuesday should prove to be just as good, if not better!  Not only is it the start of the new season with all new PvP gear, but it is also the first reset of the LFR loot drops and normal/heroic reset of raids, and the first time characters can buy a non-relic gemmable piece of PvE gear with Valor!

Items to Craft for the PvP Season

More Inferno Rubies!  - What can I say about this that hasn't been said already?Resilience Cuts - Dust off those resilience gem cuts that you havent used all week, the time is nigh! I'm making sure to stock 80 of each resilience cut I have ahead of time, and anticipating more to come!Leg Enchants - Leg enchants are great for PvE gear but if you're a tailor don't forget to craft the Int/Stam leg enchants!  All leg enchants will sell really well for PvP minus the new tanking one!Belt Buckles - If you, like me, sold out of belt buckles during the fi…

Are you Using Your Extra Justice Points Wisely?

If you're like me, you have a PvE toon that was (and still is) really excited for the new 5-mans and the Raid Finder that came out in 4.3.  Also, since you ran those dungeons a lot, and there is not much new for Justice Points, you may be thinking that you should be investing in Justice Bracers or Boots, but with such an influx of Justice Points you may be getting less bang for your buck!  Some suggestions that work great are as follows, and may also help diversify your "Justice Portfolio" for faster turnovers:

Bracers > Boots
This one should be obvious.  1650 points for a 359 vs 1250 points for a 378, the 378 should always win!  If your server is like mine though, you may need another alternative, as Bracers are going for dirt cheap because everyone can get them now, for 16-18 heroic boss kills.

WotLK Epic Gems
One of my favorite "sleeper items"  is Wrath epic gems.  You can only purchase them in Dalaran for 220 Justice Points each.  The vendors are found her…